I'm Monica

I help course creators enroll, engage and educate audiences through customer-centric email copywriting. 

In real life, I wear many hats

I’m a mom, a former marketing consultant, a proud multi-preneur, and a crafter with a creative flair. Every role enriches my perspective, infusing my work with a blend of insight, empathy, and real-world wisdom.

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Crafting emails that convert isn't about Discounts

Most brands think that for email marketing to be an effective channel, you need to throw discounts and urgency at your audience. But crafting emails that convert has less to do with Discounts and more to do with value.

I've been privileged to partner with course creators from all over the world.

And I’ve seen this customer-centric approach to email marketing work every time.

The best part?

It’s not about the sale.

Email marketing is a fantastic channel because it builds trust, delivers value, and positions the brand as a partner.

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Email marketing can be very effective, but only if it answers ONE important question: 

What’s in it for your reader?


Consultancy & Coaching

Most brands struggle with writing email promotions that convert. It’s just a fact. They are worried about appearing “pushy”, “salesy”, “spammy” etc. But how are others able to sell products and services with email without annoying the F out of their audience?

Let me guide you through figuring out how to use email promos to get regular 5 and 6 figures from your promotions.

Email Promo DFY

At the moment I am not taking new clients. However, if you want to get in touch, you're welcome. As soon as I have an opening you'll be the first I talk to.

Courses & eBooks

You'll find guides and ebooks to help you understand your audience to a whole new level and how to use those insights for crafting powerful email marketing.

Value over Pressure

My copywriting approach is all about using email to build genuine relationships, address REAL needs, and provide value, ultimately leading to meaningful connections and natural conversions.

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