I Help Course Creators Enroll Students Through Customer-Centric Email Marketing

Most brands think that for email marketing to be an effective channel, you need to throw discounts and urgency at your audience. But crafting emails that convert has less to do with Discounts and more to do with VALUE.

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Selling through email can be fun, effective & provide massive value

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“GET MONICA TO HELP YOU! We always knew the top tier concepts - but we didn't know how to get there. Monica gives you the map and paves the road for you to take”.


“Her field of expertise is wide and she can help you connect the dots, offering advice concerning your next steps and moves, your attitude towards the future change, altering your overall view on the mundane problems into a mature, positive and proactive one.”

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About Monica Badiu

Hello and welcome to my corner of the web, where words meet strategy to create email marketing magic!

I'm Monica, an Email Marketing Copywriter and Copy Coach with a knack for crafting copy that’s not just compelling but also customer-centric.