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Oh yes, we’re talking the big M word. It’s one of the biggest blocks newbie entrepreneurs have and it can steam from so many places. The worst part is that oftentimes, we don’t even realize the way we think of the concept of money impacts our potential for growth, our self-worth and our long term well being.

Our money mindset can be oriented towards abundance, or towards scarcity.

Unfortunately, most often the latter is the case.

“Most people are deeply scripted in what I call the Scarcity Mentality. They see life as having only so much, as though there were only one pie out there. And if someone were to get a big piece of the pie, it would mean less for everybody else.”

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

A scarcity mentality is a complex, and potentially, an ever present challenge. It can be a result of upbringing, life hardships, cultural presets, employee mindset, past failures and many others. It impacts us in so many different ways:

  • Makes it difficult for us to see growth potential in us and in our business

  • It can keep us stuck for ages, not taking action on our big idea because there are so many people doing it already

  • It can stop us from growing and work on ourselves, as it takes a toll on our self-worth and makes it almost impossible for us to envision a bright, successful future, where we strive to get that promotion, ask for that raise or launch in business

  • It can also impact our relationships, making it sometimes hard for us to be happy for the success of other people

And it also messes with our money mindset.

Scarcity (or poverty mindset) makes us live in stress and act out of despair. We might barely just make it between paychecks. We might spend our money on useless items, or make us so afraid that we avoid spending at all. We might not want to invest in our business because we are afraid we won’t have enough funds to make it to the next month. We might not think clearly about offering quality services or products to our clients, because we are so scared of not having money, that we act out of despair with the sole purpose of making money fast.

How to change negative money mindset towards abundance with a gratitude exercise - via #mindsetgrowth #mindsettips #newbiepreneur #gratitude #coaching

We think making money is hard.

Most of us have worked our asses off in full-time jobs that left us drained at the end of the day just so that we could have a paycheck at the end of the month. But we were working against ourselves. We were exhausting ourselves in soul-sucking jobs for the purpose of making money that would pay for our rent, food, car, student loans, trips, clothes etc.

Along with other emotional aspects and even cultural presets, we end up seeing our life through negative money scripts. Add life hardships (debt for instance), our parents’ relationship with money during our childhood, and even cultural presets, it’s no surprise that we have such a messed up money mindset.

From scarcity to abundance

If this is the first time you’re researching negative money mindset scripts, you might think the following is just some new age bullshit thing. But be patient and before you dismiss it as crap, try it.

You can change that scarcity mindset by shifting your focus towards abundance. I know what you’re thinking – Girl are you for real? Well, yes, yes I am and I used to be where you’re at. In total disbelief. But these things actually work.

What is an abundance mindset and why it can shift your negative money scripts

Abundance “is the paradigm that there is plenty out there and enough to spare for everybody. It results in sharing of prestige, of recognition, of profits, of decision making. It opens possibilities, options, alternatives, and creativity

– The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

Yes, you’re supposed to start acting and thinking completely different than what your brain is telling you. But guess what – it can be achieved.

An abundance mindset can be internalized through reprogramming and being more aware of your life, your worth and the realization that you have unlimited potential and opportunities.

I get it. We are preset to think of the worst outcomes. To worry about everything in our lives (sometimes real, sometimes complete fantasy). We are preset to be fearful of our future and our survival – and let’s be honest, money is tied to our survival in this modern world. But it is possible to shift this mindset.

Here’s an exercise for you:

“Imagine you have all the needed resources, time, and money. What kind of person would you be? How would your success translate?

How do you picture your best self? Are you still struggling with money mindsets (and others) or have you managed to break through?

If your future self is happy, what’s holding you back from achieving that state?

What new skills would you work on to achieve that happy future self?

What do you plan for your financial life in 3yrs time?

How much revenue would you need to support a healthy and happy lifestyle?

How close are you to achieving that figure?

What do you need to change to achieve your financial goals?

What is your current money belief? Can you figure out which limitation might have stuck to you from childhood or because of cultural presets?”

This process should help you realize you have the power to envision a higher version of yourself, one that isn’t worried about money.

This higher self can act out of a place of inner authenticity and in complete harmony with your strongest desires and dreams. The more you imagine this best self scenario, you will feel empowered by the vision of your happy, successful life so you will be motivated and willing to act out of a place of power when you decide it is time to change your negative money paradigm.

Shifting our scarcity money mindset is a repetitive, mind shifting, learning process

We can achieve the change from scarcity to abundance through daily repetition of a couple of exercises, like keeping a gratitude journal, setting goals and making achievable plans to support those goals, focusing on wins, meditation, and nourishing our mind, body and spirit.

We can create wealth and happiness for ourselves if we make the most of available resources and commit to growing. This is how we become aware of the positives in our lives and we teach our brain to actively focus on the good things, and not the fear-crushing scenarios we keep running in the back of our mind.

Try this gratitude exercise for two weeks:

I believe the gratitude exercise is by far the most important in beginning to change your money mindset. It’s also one of the easiest to take on. Take paper and pen and make it a daily habit to list 5 items you’re grateful for.

Through counting your blessings daily, you will soon realize that your life is a lot more abundant than you think. It starts from the simple things, like having a roof over your head, food in your belly, clean water, clothes, warmth in winter, shade or AC in the summer. The fact that you woke up today and you’re healthy, you went to work, did your thing, came back in safety at home for an evening of Netflix and chill are good reasons to be grateful for the life you’re living.

And this gratitude thing isn’t only oriented towards objects, perks, experiences or survival items. Learn to be grateful to yourself for having built a life that gives you so much. Be grateful to yourself when despite fear you show up for that meeting, you start a new hobby, you shift careers in your 40s, you tell him you looove him (or her), you travel to a new country, you meet someone new, you start a new business.

Every little thing counts. Learn to be your own cheerleader.

How to change negative money mindset towards abundance with a gratitude exercise - via #mindsetgrowth #mindsettips #newbiepreneur #gratitude #coaching

This mindset exercise can deliver many perks. Here are a few:

  • You will realize that you don’t even need that much money to live a happy life

  • You will realize that you are the creator of your own opportunities

  • You will realize that you have reasons to feel safe and empowered in reaching out for that big dream of yours

  • You will feel the desire to share your wealth with others and what a great thing it will be realizing that a small amount of your richness can positively impact another human being. It can be buying lunch for a homeless person, showing up for a neighbor, offering mentorship to young adults, or giving a little something to your favorite causes. It will also make you feel like you have too much stuff and it will come naturally to you to share it with those who need it. Oh and in so doing you’re also decluttering.

Through repetition of the exercise mentioned above, through coaching and learning you will notice that you are stuck in a mindset that does nothing for you. It’s not making your life happier, it’s not adding to the quality of your life, it’s not helping you grow. And you will fight that realization for a while. We all do. But eventually if we’re determined enough to put in the effort to reprogram our brain, we will wake up one day realizing we’re making this thing harder on ourselves for no useful purpose whatsoever.

Why continue doing something that’s completely worthless to your growth, to your happiness?

Shifting your scarcity money mindset towards abundance is a learning process. And we can learn anything we want to. Sure, sometimes it takes longer, other times it seems impossible. But there are so many ways to help us stay committed, educated and motivated through it all.

There are numerous books that address negative money scripts. There are so many amazing stories from people that have successfully changed their money mindset towards abundance and are happily sharing their tips all over the internet. There are so many powerful coaches who can help you figure this out. There are so many people out there that can help you make the shift. All you have to do is ask.

Need help getting started?

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How to shift your scarcity money mindset towards abundance with one exercise -



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