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Learning and personal growth are an essential part of being an entrepreneur. Back when I decided to go into entrepreneurship full time, I realized I will not be able to move forward, if I don’t embrace the constant learning process. So, I decided to take one day a week to learn, re-learn and educate myself on marketing, entrepreneurship, and self-development.

I dedicated this week to improving my skills in coaching, mindset, and design. What’s even better is that I got to see first-hand how important it is to invest in yourself, because every little investment you put into yourself, and your business, it shows up in how you add value for your clients, and for your own life.

So, here’s what helped me uplevel this past week:

1. Instant Transformational Hypnotherapy Masterclass with Marisa Peer via Mindvalley

Full disclosure: I love Mindvalley. However it took me a lot to finally decide to watch Marisa Peer’s free hypnotherapy masterclass. Not because their marketing wasn’t pretty good, but because of my own limitations. I don’t like being told what to do, or give up control easily, so I have always had a tooth against using hypnosis, but maybe, for the first time ever, the way Marisa explained it, it finally made sense, and made it easier for me to open up.

The teaser video is above, but you can get the full video here.

I learned that hypnotherapy is not about mind control, it’s about relaxing your mind, and body to a point where it is easy for the subject to receive suggestions, or better said guidance. I could explain my experience with hypnotherapy as an intense guided visualization meditation. And I am happy I gave this a try, although I did it because I was imagining it would be a very good practice to help my visibility clients, because the masterclass was hitting base with fear of rejection.

Turns out, it has helped me practice self love, acceptance, and forgiveness. The session takes you to your childhood home, and gives you the opportunity to connect with you, as a child. This has been intense for me. I started crying when I visualized the door to the apartment where I grew up. I immediately felt the need to hug me, the little kid, who was scared, and sad, and felt invisible, and that made me feel so much better as an adult.

Click here to see my IGTV episode recorded 20 minutes after. Spoiler alert: I’m not crying in the video 🙂

2. 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People by Susan M. Weinschenk, PhD

I very much enjoyed reading this visual design guide, and journey into human psychology. I discovered this psychology design book through a recommendation, and while it should be a basic guide for website, product, and graphic designers, this is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to have a better understanding of what triggers him or her into taking actions.

The guide touches base with how people see, read, remember, think, focus, feel, socialize, and motivate themselves. I’m not going to reveal a lot from this book, but I am going to mention my favorite sub chapters, which have been very smartly worded as affirmations and truths about human psychology, and design.

Here are some highlights:

  • What you see isn’t what your brain gets

  • Reading and comprehending are two different things

  • Reading a computer screen is harder than reading paper

  • People remember only four items at once

  • It’s easier to recognize information than recall it

  • The most vivid memories are wrong

  • Minds wander 30 percent of the time

  • The more uncertain people are, the more they defend their ideas

  • Culture affects how people think

  • Sustained attention lasts about the minutes

  • People are inherently lazy

  • People are happier when they’re busy

  • People will always make mistakes, there is no fail-safe product

  • People want more choices and information than they can process

3. NLP Workbook: A practical guide to achieving the results you want, Joseph O’Connor

This was not my first time wrapping my brain around Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). It is however the first NLP guide that was so simple, and clear that it made it easy for me to understand and put into practice the concepts and exercises. Not even that but it gave me the tools to customize exercises based on what my coaching clients need to clarify and reprogram aspects related to their fear of being visible.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a coach to find value in this Joseph O’Connor’s NLP workbook. It’s useful for your everyday life.

NLP is “based on the idea that the human mind is a sort of computer – our verbal and body language are the programmes which allow us to change our own thoughts and influence other people e.g. using body language and speech patterns to create instant rapport with someone else.”

I’m not going to reveal more, because every little bit is important, and you need to read it through your own filters. The book does contain technical terms, but it’s not rocket science. The explanations are straightforward and you get clear actions about how different practices work and how you can implement the techniques.

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