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My name is Monica Badiu. I am a visibility coach who helps established entrepreneurs grow their businesses with powerful visibility strategies and mindset work.

Marketing and visibility strategies are an essential part of running and growing a business. It’s what brings in the money, the clients, the awareness, the reputation. Sounds easy enough, but various limitations like lack of knowledge or limiting beliefs (low self-esteem, impostor syndrome etc) will take a toll on your overall success. Going at this without having an ace up your sleeve can be a damaging decision for the well being of your business and financial status.

I believe entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders shine and create the success they want only when they are able to feel confident about their mission in life and aligned to their amazing potential, when they give voice to what it is that drives them every single morning.

As a coach I will be able to join you in this journey of growth, I can offer you guidance, support, accountability and help you to overcome obstacles with compassion and decisiveness. Being visible for your business can be done despite the fear, and the self-doubt.

What you need to know about me:

  • I am a marketing and mindset coach who focuses on helping entrepreneurs, brands and leaders plan their marketing strategy, identify their traction channels, launch in new markets and show up for their businesses with confidence and personal strength.

  • I have been working in digital marketing since I was 21 yrs old. By age 30 I had already served multiple brands across three continents achieve various business and visibility goals. During this time I coached and consulted with entrepreneurs in various stages of success and discovered what a big impact their self-image can have in their business’ growth and overall joy of life.

  • I am a multi-passionate human being and I thrive when helping others, learning, traveling and expressing my creativity.

  • I have a strong belief in the power of art to heal and support learning, and I have developed my own affirmation coloring pages.

Here are some of the clients I had the honor to assist

Visit this page here for testimonials.

Learn more about my mission from this fun podcast episode hosted by the lovely Maria C. Krause, at Unchain Your Inner Strength.

Monica Badiu - Mindset Coach for Entrepreneurs

Ready to grow ?

If that fire in your belly burns for more, if you are a go-getter, a leader who knows their mission is important, connect with me here, and lets help you grow.