I am a passionate marketing professional, experienced in brand growth & content optimization.

Current projects:


Zana Florilor Lavender Farm


The biggest love I hold is for flowers. Since 2016 I am growing my own lavender field. It's therapy, it's pure love and inspiration. Check out my journal to learn more about my lavender farm.



This is my soul project - the side job that I've always dreamed of. I am the designer behind the creations at Circul Magic Quilling Art & Prints.

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One of the things that best defines me and my partner is our love for exploring the world. Under I Am Restless we are sharing our love for traveling, meeting new people, climbing mountain peaks and going from one museum to another. 

It all starts with marketing


I've been helping clients all over the world and in all kinds of industries, understand and achieve their so very different marketing objectives since 2011. Over the years, I took different marketing roles: from event promotion to web design and B2B campaigns, fashion tradeshows and e-commerce stores, to music bands promotion and wedding photography branding, I've done them all and I loved every moment of it.

Working with established brands and inspiring entrepreneurs, somewhere during this journey I caught the bug for digital marketing, brand growth and content optimization. I believe strongly in sharing the wisdom, the good and the bad, the success and the mistakes as a way to empower fellow entrepreneurs in their journey.

My mission as a marketing consultant has always been focused on empowering business owners with the kind of strategies and know-how they need to take control of their story and actively grow their revenue for the long term. I love sharing my experiences and tips so I'm currently working on my first marketing course. It's coming soon.



Marketing Blog

Learn how to take control of your story and grow your revenue


Projects & clients

Here's some of the clients I have helped achieve their goals.

Circul Magic is my first entrepreneurial endeavor


Back in 2008, I was 21 and I already knew the office life wasn't for me. So in my spare time I started dwelling with DIY, paper arts and crafts, until I eventually discovered quilling. Hobby soon developed into a small business which I named on the spur of the moment - Circul Magic (Magic Circus en) - and it was the perfect storm. The creativity and discipline involved in creating quilling designs helped me develop my marketing skills, while having my own business to work for, implement and get creative with marketing and selling strategies has opened my mind to all new opportunities. So many years later I keep at it and still love every single moment of it. My English blog is still fresh, but you can browse years of content on the Romanian version.


quilling & paper ART

I love flowers and mandalas, so I mixed the best of two worlds to create unique quilling & paper art designs. Currently available as wall prints. See more on Etsy.

Latest on the blog...

Custom Yoda Quilling Canvas

May the force be with you!

Quilled Wedding Numbers

Welcome your wedding guests with a funky table decor

I AM RESTLESS. Our Travel Journal


We can never stay too long in one place without making plans for a next adventure. Traveling has ever been an inspiration and an important personal objective.

Personally, I have had the travel bug since forever and troubling enough for my family, I have never shied away from new destinations. I was 20 yrs old when I had my first life-changing traveling experience: hitch-hiking across Scandinavia for two months with just a backpack and a couple of euro in my pockets. The thirst for wondering and discovering new places, cultures, people and cuisine remains even 10 yrs later.

Nowadays, I'm mostly traveling with my partner, Catalin. Read our travel blog I Am Restless for our adventures & destinations.. 


Zana Florilor: Lavender Farm in Romania


My second entrepreneurial endeavor is also the most exciting project I've ever had the courage to start. Launched in 2016, this lavender farm is the culmination of 6 years of intense dreaming and researching. It's both scary and extremely satisfying to grow and care for this plant. Follow the story on the farm's Instagram.