EJ #13: Stepping into Next Level Me

Can you believe it's already end of April? This spring has been an amazing journey of growth, self discovery, and taking business leaps. You might have noticed this change

Over the past few weeks I've felt the gap between present me and next level me becoming smaller, and smaller, until all I had to do, was to actively step into this new version of myself, and shed the fears, and limitations that kept me hidden, quiet, and dreaming small.

I made a powerful pivot in April.

And now I feel like I am finally 100% aligned with my mission in life. Which is helping people, entrepreneurs or not, discover that they create their own limitations, uncover the incredible person, and potential, hiding underneath a life of cultural presets, or self-abuse, and self-doubt.

Entrepreneur Journal Episode #13: Embracing the growth process opens up the possibility to dream big, this is what stepping into next level me looks like  #visibility #coach #marketingtips #womeninbusiness #mindsetforsuccess

My mission in life is helping entrepreneurs become successful, and utterly in love with their lives

Just 6 months ago, I used to believe that my purpose in life, on this planet, can not be of high, positive impact. But that came from my own self-abuse. I was dreaming small, I wasn't really putting value on myself.

And then my efforts started to generate results. Coaching, mindset work, affirmations, NLP, these things really work - and my proof isn't just client work. It's me, writing you this email. Keeping consistent with my marketing, being able to tell you that I've pivoted, sharing all of these insights without the fear of looking stupid, being rejected, or criticized.

I have been coaching people for a lot of years now. It was part of my job as a marketing consultant. However, in the past 3 months, I've been working specifically with entrepreneurs who were ready to go to the next level in their businesses, but had no idea where to start, when to do it, or if they could even do it.

I've seen the fruits of our sessions together in the past weeks. However, until I felt ready to embrace this amazing mission, I had a hard time accepting that what I do, creates results. I witnessed my clients overcome limitations, I saw them embracing their own amazing mission in life, I saw them giving voice to dreams that they've muted for years. I saw them acting despite fear.

It makes me feel so lucky, and grateful, to be able to ignite such transformation, to be able to be there for them when all they need is to be given permission to be themselves, to ask for more, to dream bigger, to want to succeed.

A lot of things have changed in my mindset in the past 4 weeks.

My own coach, and clients, have been noticing my growth, which is always coming in big leaps. You see, I have made a commitment to myself to stop the self-abuse, to stop acting out of fear, to stop minimizing my worth.

I will no longer accept self-abuse. I will however do my best to be kind to myself when things spin out of control. I will do my best to learn new things, improve my skills, because whatever I put into my brain, into my business, goes back to my clients, to the people in my life. If I put rubbish in my mind, then guess what, I will be acting out of fear, and will not be able to deliver high-quality services to my clients, nor show up online.

Thing is - our self-abuse is self-taught, and we're not even aware of it. So the next time you catch yourself spinning out of control with damaging thoughts like "I am not worthy" "I can't do this", "I am not good enough", "Who am I to", "I am afraid" (or even worse: "If I die today, nobody will even care") remember that it's a fake perception. This is not real. It is just a momentary reaction to a negative trigger.

I'm here to tell you, that you do not deserve the self abuse. You have come so far. You have worked so hard. Do not give it all up because of a tiny voice inside your mind, saying "oh, but what if you won't succeed?"

You might not believe me now, but if you're willing to do the work, you will feel how amazing you can be. You are meant for great things. you are capable of making a huge impact in the world.

This is turning out to be quite a long status update for my Entrepreneur Journal, but I do hope you find it inspiring, because I really want you to know this:


In many ways, my blog, and social media content reflected my journey this month.

  • I have been doing weekly Facebook Live interviews with some bad-ass female entrepreneurs, and I've such a great time doing this, that I already booked May too. So every week, go to my Facebook page to see one of this awesome interviews. Oh, and if you're an entrepreneur yourself, and want to share your own story with the world, you're welcome to sign up to GO LIVE WITH ME.

    • In April, I had a lot of fun talking with Mihaela Floroiu (flower designer, and founder of MiFlor), Laurence Garant (branding coach, and founder of Lola Design), and Alisa Barcan (financial coach, and founder at The Savvy Corner).

  • The 3 Mindset Blocks That Impact Your Visibility Efforts is a blog post that has been getting a lot of views already. It is based on the interaction I have with entrepreneurs, and people who want to be more, do more, but are afraid to become more visible.

  • I work a lot with my mindset, every single week. One of the most powerful things that have helped me up my game lately, is a mix of hypnotherapy & NLP work. I wrote all about it, and gave you the resources, in this blog post.

  • Finally, the first article in my new content series is live. It features a story about how self-care rituals can help us be stronger, by coach, and NLP practitioner, Iva Tarle. While I have you here, I wanted to let you know that Iva is running a webinar, and I think you'd have a lot to learn from her. You can enroll here.

I am so grateful you've read it all. In May a lot of new, and thrilling experiences are coming my way. I want to share them publicly, as a way to build on my accountability:

  • I am going back to school, enrolling into uni to get my license in Psychology (super excited about that)

  • I am traveling across Portugal for two weeks (hit me up if you're there May 4th to May 17th) and will be sharing a lot of that awesomeness on my Instagram.

  • I am running two offline workshops for entrepreneurs who want to figure out how to step into the next level of themselves, of their businesses, and of their lives. It's happening May 25th, in Romania. You can get more details here(page in Romanian).

  • I am launching my MASTERMINDS!!! YES, plural. We're going to meet weekly, for one hour, in groups of 4 persons. Every month, one session is going to be free, and open for all, so I'm hoping to see you there too soon.

So many great things can happen, when we start to believe in ourselves. Thank you for joining me in this journey, on this mission. And don't forget, I am here to help you too take your business, mindset, and visibility to the next level.

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