October in Pinterest News

October has been a busy month for Pinners as Pinterest has made the news more than once with a bunch of new and exciting features. From adding a new way to explore similar, on-theme content to your saves, to rolling out a Community tab and updating their self-service Ad Center.

Pinterest adds More Ideas tab - Read more Pinterest news at www.monicabadiu.com

The “More Ideas” tab

A new way to discover more ideas for your boards

Pinterest rolled out a new feature to help Pinners find similar or related content to the ideas they’ve already saved. The new feature is called “more ideas” and it appears as a tab, within your boards.

Pinterest rolls out Communities feature - Read more Pinterest news at www.monicabadiu.com

Communities are now in test for Pinterest users

This is Pinterest’s way of adding a social media component to its current search engine experience.

The news that Pinterest rolled out the option to create communities has had us all squeak with excitement. And a bit of confusion. All through October, Pinterest has made this new feature available progressively and caused a bit of havoc as many Pinners were confused as to why haven’t they got the feature already.

What exactly are communities on Pinterest?

Basically, this is Pinterest’s way of adding a social media component to its current search engine experience.

It allows Pinners to create communities where a group of people care initiate conversations, share articles, pins and post links related to a specific topic.

Communities on Pinterest are similar to Facebook groups. And we’ve seen those skyrocketing in terms of engagement lately.

Once someone invites you to a community and you decide to join, the communities tab will automatically show up in the navigation bar of your Pinterest app on your mobile device or Pinterest.com on your computer.

If you want to create your own community on Pinterest, just go on you computer or app, and click “Create community”. As a community owner you are in fact an admin and will have to moderate conversations and you know, engage your group of like-minded people. You can share the link to your community via other social networks, or even email, to get more people joining the conversation.

Learn more about creating communities on Pinterest here. Also, remember to read the Community guidelines before you create and post.

Pinterest adds new features in Ad Manager - Read more Pinterest news at www.monicabadiu.com

New tools for advertisers on Pinterest

Improvements to the campaign creation process, new targeting features, and advanced reporting capabilities.

Just ahead of the buzzing holiday shopping season, Pinterest launched a bunch of new features for its self-serve Ads Manager tool.

Pinterest says the refresh is meant “to make it simple for advertisers to reach Pinners” and it aims to do so by introducing their “most comprehensive suite of self-serve tools ever”. So what does that mean exactly?

Through the new features, you can now better define and size audiences, create ads and pull reports.

Streamline ad campaign creation process

  • New feature to review your Pins before they go live through the option “pause campaign”

  • Ability to select and promote multiple Pins

  • New search bar and boards filter in the Ad Manager

Reach the right people with these new features

  • Choose where Pinners see your ads with placement options for separate browse and search strategies at the ad group level

  • Build robust targeting audiences with guidance from audience sizing and the Audience Insights tool

  • Get your brand in front of more people who are looking for what to try and buy next by leveraging our updated interests

Track your success on Pinterest

  • Monitor your ad performance and make in-line optimizations to multiple rows at once using the revamped reporting dashboard.

  • Identify and promote your top performing organic Pins using insights from Analytics

  • Measure your influence on Pinterest by tracking the monthly viewers number on your profile.

Learn more about the upgrade to Ad Manager here.

Pinterest updates Product Pins - Read more Pinterest news at www.monicabadiu.com

New features for Product Pins

Pinterest added dynamic pricing and stock information for Product Pins

In an attempt to make it easier for Pinners to find and purchase the products they want and need, Pinterest has rolled out two new features for Product Pins.

The aim is to improve conversions for brands, as well as, streamline the process of finding and purchasing desired products for Pinners.

“Today we’re making hundreds of millions of Pins shoppable with up-to-date pricing and stock information, with links that go directly to the checkout page on the retailer’s site where you can buy in a few clicks. Just look for the new shopping tag icon, and you'll know it's in stock.”

Read more about the new features for Product Pins here.

October in Pinterest News -  Read more at www.monicabadiu.com

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