About Self Care Rituals for Entrepreneurs with Iva Tarle, Life Coach

I strongly believe we learn by sharing stories, lessons, and experiences, therefore I decided to launch the Go Live with Me interview series featuring entrepreneurs, and passionate people from all over the world.

I have been connecting with entrepreneurs for years, and I love how powerful each interaction can be. It is inspiring to hang out with someone who is deeply passionate about what he or she is doing. It’s a type of interaction that boosts motivation, creates space for learning, bonding, growth, and problem-solving.

The purpose of these interviews is to inspire, and motivate entrepreneurs from all over the world to embrace their journey even more, to learn from fellow human beings who are actively creating their dream lives every single day. And to those of you who are still in doubt, I hope these stories will give you courage to take action.

Go Live With Me, ep #7, features Iva Tarle, life coach

On this beautiful Wednesday morning I had Iva Tarle, Life Coach, as a guest on my Go Live With Me Series. We talked a lot about developing self care practices that can help entrepreneurs feel aligned, clear, and empowered through their journey. It's something we both care deeply about, and which we have been practicing with great results.

My guest this week is Iva Tarle, she is a life coach and business mentor living the sweet life on the beautiful island of Bali. She uses self care rituals, astrology, and NLP to help individuals better manage their mental health.

She quit her diplomat job to become an entrepreneur, after 10 years working for the government in event management and public outreach, creating events and important campaigns on international level.

Self care rituals super charge our day. By tapping into these higher energies, of feeling good, visualizing the results that we want, by supporting ourselves we defy the reality, we create the reality that we want.
— Iva Tarle

Resources & practices mentioned:

➡️ NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

➡️ Affirmations

  • Daily Morning Affirmations To Build Confidence (One Week Worth) - read here

  • Free Positive Affirmation Coloring Pages - download here

➡️ Tapping (EFT Emotional Freedom Technique)

➡️ Journaling, Yoga & Meditation

➡️ Iva's FREE Self Care Course

➡️ The Artist's Way, book by Julia Cameron

➡️ The Miracle Morning

Where you can find Iva

What’s next:

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