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EJ #15: I Am a Powerful Creator

Lessons about abundance and confidence from my own entrepreneurial journey. June was all about discovering the many, and beautiful ways that I am both a powerful creator and insanely abundant. And the more I looked for signs within myself, the more I discovered how powerful we ALL are when it comes to creating our realities, our thoughts, our opportunities.

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EJ #14: Surrendering to the process

Lessons about slowing down and expressing gratitude for the growth process from my own entrepreneurial journey. May has been an intense month, an emotional roller-coaster that brought up deep false beliefs. And I learned to surrender, to take a step back to really understand what needs to change to grow.

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EJ #12: Overcoming Fear of Being Visible

The different ways I showed up for my own visibility strategy this month taught me a couple of important lessons, which I did learn the hard way. I want to share these with you in the hope that it will inspire you and show you that you’re not alone in this entrepreneurial journey.

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