Becoming Visible Online as a New Entrepreneur without Driving Yourself Mad - Podcast Interview at Unchain Your Inner Strength

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I am so excited to share with you my first podcast interview as a visibility coach. The lovely Maria C. Krause, host of podcast Unchain Your Inner Strength, had me over to talk about visibility, taking action, mindset and entrepreneurship. The episode is live (scroll down the page to play) and spoiler alert, we do have a lot of laughs.

Before you go on and listen to that fun episode, here are some of the points we touched:

  • lessons from entrepreneurship

  • my digital marketing background

  • switching from an employee mindset to entrepreneurship

  • overcoming fear of failure

  • why I opened my coaching business

  • we continue to learn, grow and change

  • surrendering to the process

Bottom line, you can become visible online as a New Entrepreneur without Driving Yourself Mad

Click to listen to the podcast episode

Maria C. Krause is a business and mindset coach. She runs her own online magazine and podcast, and creates inspiring content to help entrepreneurs develop their unique skills and superpowers and create a business strategy authentic to themselves. You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram or visit her website here. You can also watch the video we did together for my own show, Go Live With Me.

Struggling with the fear of being seen?

My dear go-getter you are not alone. As entrepreneurs, whether you are an introvert or extrovert, there are many new skills and opportunities where you need to make yourself seen. It’s not something that comes natural to every one of us. Some worry about being criticized, struggle with low self esteem, a bit of impostor syndrome, fear of success or even a lack of marketing knowledge. Fortunately all of the above are not permanent struggles. In fact, with a bit of guidance, introspection and determination you can move past your fear of being seen.

It’s what I do. It’s what I’ve done for myself, for my clients. And I love doing it and helping other go-getters find out the unique aspects of what keeps them stuck and the many ways in which they can overcome the fear, and shine bright. I would love to help you too. Learn more about how we can work together, right here.

Before you go, don’t forget to hit the resources page for resources on how to grow your visibility online, and how to boost your mindset to overcome fear of being visible. Check it here.



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