Here are some of the clients I've worked with and the projects I helped bring to life.


Working with this dedicated team of Amazon experts has been an eye-opening experience. This company helps brands in US, Canada and Europe launch their products in the Amazon marketplace, optimize their seller presence and hyper-boost their sales through an effective and complex strategy that reaps the benefits of every marketing tool Amazon has to offer. As their Marketing Manager I got to communicate on their behalf to help them tell their success stories and give voice to their Amazon optimization philosophy.



One of my most exciting experiences with digital marketing was launching a non-fiction book in the Amazon marketplace. "The Amazon Expansion Plan" by Kiri Masters is a book designed for established brands, to answer the questions that experienced marketers and owners of larger brands have about how to launch and build revenue quickly on Amazon — both in the US and international marketplaces. 

Working on this project, I got to experience first-hand how frustrating and amazing Amazon e-Commerce can get. It was my first time ever dabbling with Amazon from a Seller's perspective and honestly, this was challenging, but once I got to know all the rules and understand this marketplace's mindset, I can't wait to go at it again.



This company is a model of success for suppliers working in niche DIY markets. They sell supplies for DIY lamps, from wiring kits to lamp shade rings and adhesive styrene. As a DIY buff myself, I'm loving every moment of this experience, where I get to discover new sale opportunities, research content ideas and have one-on-ones with their creative online community.



Irina wanted to make her passion for astrology and personal development a way of living, but had no idea where to start. I helped her become comfortable with an online presence and set her up with a lead funnel to gradually increase her monthly income from astrology readings. Gaining confidence with the strategies I helped her with, she is now brainstorming new services & products and is working on developing her very own website.



With this client in the bridal retail industry, I took on all marketing roles there were and I had a blast doing so. From handling their social accounts to creating and sending their newsletters, to setting up Facebook & Google ads and creating all their promotional materials, as well as organizing, hosting and promoting events and handling two websites. 

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