Ready to shine [bright]?

Hello go-getter. It’s great to have you here. You’re one step closer to showing yourself to the world and to your potential customers as the amazing person and leader you can be. My name is Monica Badiu. I am a visibility coach who helps established entrepreneurs grow with powerful visibility & mindset strategies.

What is visibility coaching?

Your intuition might have already told you this: visibility coaching is a powerful mix of marketing consulting, training + mindset coaching. BUT I take it one step further because:

I coach clients who are afraid of being visible for their businesses, thus missing growth opportunities. I help them overcome mindset limitations, false perceptions and lack of marketing knowledge so they can show up powerfully, fully aligned to their core mission, and in return build stronger partnerships for their businesses, create more consistent and significant revenue, establish themselves as a brand authority in their field.

When a business owner is fully in tune with their strengths, mission and values they show up for their business with ease, which translates in a more aligned copy (or sales pitch), more powerful services, stronger partnerships and more growth.

Visibility coaching helps you discover all the unique assets of your brand and completely transform HOW you communicate with your target audience. In business, marketing, and sales we all strive for authenticity - this is the building block of any strong relationship with our customers, and visibility coaching is one way to discover HOW to communicate your brand in an authentic way, one that actually matters in connecting with your prospects.

Anyone can benefit from visibility coaching: if you are are deeply passionate about your work and you want to build a life and business that make you jump with joy, if you are committed to do the work and up-level yourself and your business, if you want to share your unique know-how with the world.

However, in my coaching practice I primarily work with established entrepreneurs, leaders or change makers who want to take things to the next level but they are struggling with impostor syndrome, lack of marketing knowledge and a fear of being visible. Here are a few examples:

  • boosting visibility by showing up on TV, radio, podcasts etc

  • showcasing your company (product, service) to get investors or to get a buyer

  • rebranding yourself (maybe making a switch to high ticket customers)

  • launching in new markets (customers segments, countries etc)

  • starting a new content series (Lives on social media, vlogs, webinars, live trainings etc)

  • preparing for speaking events (TedX, local community talks, branded offline events)

  • daring to have sales conversations that actually convert at the price you want

These are just a few examples. Specific examples include being a fashion designer who wants to expand their stockists’ network worldwide but have no idea where to start, being a marketing agency owner who wants to rebrand from small business to large corporate clients, being a coach, an author etc who wants to start using digital marketing and PR to boost their brand authority.

How it works

Overcoming fear of visibility and building a visibility plan that would work for you is an endeavor that focuses on personal transformation and it is the kind of growth that does take time.

People tend to resist change, and while there are temporary fixes to boosting your confidence, these are just that: temporary.

To get you into a state of mind where you show up with power, clarity and charisma in the long term, we need to make sure you have overcome any resistance to being visible for your business.

That means we need time to develop productive and self-care habits as well as a healthy mindset that stops the self-doubt and self-sabotage. We also need time to make sure that you have a good understanding of the marketing tactics we pinpoint to be the most aligned with who you are, what you do and whom you do it for.

My name is Monica Badiu. I am a visibility coach who helps established entrepreneurs grow with powerful visibility & mindset strategies.
  • My coaching services range from 3 to 12 months, depending on your goal, commitment and urgency. All packages include weekly meetings. You can contact me here to inquire about coaching packages.

  • There are 3 essential aspects to my system: mindset coaching, marketing consulting & marketing training.

  • My system does not imply you HAVE to do it all, or that you HAVE to do something specific. I will help you discover what works for you, your brand and your market. If there’s one secret recipe to success, then it is test and apply what feels easy & aligned for you.

  • We will discover how it is that you like to learn, we will discover what makes you feel empowered and what steals away your confidence and come up with ways to stop the self-doubt, the lack of clarity and the self-sabotage.

Want to know if this is for you?

If reading the following causes pain, if you’ve got this fire in your belly to be more, to do more, then book a complimentary deep coaching session with me and let’s see where you are and what you need to be fully in tune with yourself and show up for your business like never before.

  • you’re scared out of your mind trying to figure it all out by yourself

  • you’re not marketing savvy and aren’t ready to invest in an entire department to sustain your business at this moment

  • you’re doing so many things for your business that you just don’t want to take anymore of your time to spend on intensive marketing courses

  • you’re struggling with mindset limitations like impostor syndrome, scarcity culture, self-doubt, and a fear to be seen, to be heard

  • you’re feeling confused about how to actually make your brand visible and get the results you want

  • you’re procrastinating, subscribing for tons of freebies, and success recipes

  • you feel exhausted about doing it all by yourself, with no guidance and no actual support


I know about your pain because I’ve been there myself

Starting out as an entrepreneur, although I had almost a decade-worth of experience in marketing, I struggled with self-worth, self-doubt, validation, fear of being seen, fear of rejection, impostor syndrome and so much more.

And it reflected in everything. From the level of growth I was envisioning for myself, to the actual steps that would help me build my brand authority, sign with the clients I actually wanted to work, out of passion, not desperation, promote my services feeling 100% confident about the value I can offer.

I see so many people in business who don’t live up to their potential. They made some progress, but they still don’t fully believe in their power. And that shows in how their business grows. It shows in their overall visibility. It shows in how they talk about themselves and about what they do. It shows in monthly revenue, in their online reputation, and even in their personal lives.

You built a business and you know how much value you can give to your customers. You know about the impact your product or services can make into the world. You deserve to be heard. You deserve to be seen. But for that to happen, you need to take action.

Yours truly:  Monica Badiu .  I am visibility coach for Entrepreneurs with a Go-Getter Attitude. More about me  here .

Yours truly: Monica Badiu.

I am visibility coach for Entrepreneurs with a Go-Getter Attitude. More about me here.

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