Ready to shine?

My name is Monica Badiu. I am a visibility coach for entrepreneurs with big dreams & an intense thirst for learning. I can help you get clarity on your purpose, learn where you are stuck, and how to grow past cultural presets, and false beliefs.

Visibility coaching can help entrepreneurs with personal brands and small businesses access the inner strength that has people follow and achieve their dreams with resilience, with passion, with optimism. This program can empower you to shine bright, shine without fear, or self-doubt.

Coaching - Consulting - Training

I have been working with entrepreneurs for their marketing needs for almost a decade. During this time I learned that marketing consultancy isn’t enough to get them where they want. I learned that only coaching won’t help them figure out their marketing strategy. And while training on specific strategies works, it does nothing to solve the mindset aspects.

This is why my visibility coaching program includes all three aspects: Coaching, Consulting, and Training.

Monica Badiu - Mindset Coach for Entrepreneurs

Is coaching for you?

You are ready to shine bright, but

  • you’re scared out of your mind trying to figure it all out by yourself

  • you’re not marketing savvy and can’t afford to invest in an entire department to sustain your business at this moment

  • you’re doing so many things for your business that you just don’t want to take intensive marketing courses

  • you’re struggling with mindset limitations like impostor syndrome, scarcity culture, self-doubt, and fear to be seen, to be heard

  • you’re feeling confused about how to actually make your brand visible and get the results you want

  • you’re procrastinating, subscribing for tons of freebies, and success recipes

If this sounds like you, chances are:

  • you are deeply passionate about your work

  • you have confidence in your vision and skill

  • you want to build a life and business that make you jump with joy

  • you want to share your unique know-how with the world

  • you are ready to do the work and up-level yourself and your business

  • you are planning revenue growth and are dreaming of that fabulous life you want, the freedom to have the experiences that enrich you, to travel to places that nourish you

Yours truly:  Monica Badiu .  I am visibility coach for Female Entrepreneurs with a Go-Getter Attitude. I help entrepreneurs, and brands take their biz to the next level. More about me  here .

Yours truly: Monica Badiu.

I am visibility coach for Female Entrepreneurs with a Go-Getter Attitude. I help entrepreneurs, and brands take their biz to the next level. More about me here.

Get out of my head, right?

I know about all of that because I’ve been there too. Starting out as an entrepreneur, although I had almost a decade-worth of experience in marketing, I struggled with self-worth, self-doubt, validation, fear of being seen, fear of rejection, impostor syndrome.

And it reflected in everything. From the level of growth I was envisioning for myself, to the actual steps that would help me build my reputation, sign clients, promote products and reach out to others who needed my help.

There are so many people with businesses who don’t live up to their potential. They have already achieved progress, but they still don’t fully believe in their power.And that shows in how their business grows. It shows in their overall visibility. It shows in how they talk about themselves and about their brands. It shows in monthly revenue, in their online reputation, and even in their personal lives.

I have been consulting brands and entrepreneurs, implementing marketing campaigns and boosting visibility for businesses for almost a decade. In so doing I realized achieving business and marketing goals requires a lot of mindset work, especially when we’re talking personal branding and entrepreneurship.

I have gone through the process of being a coachee and working through my mindset blocks. I still am. It’s an ongoing work, but it comes with limitless and thrilling results.

I have a deep desire to see others win, achieve their goals, and be successful. Come to think about it, wouldn’t you like to live in a world with happier people, doing what they love most?

I invest in myself and in you. I take courses, I read, I work with my own coaches, and every little bit of growth I achieve, I put it right back into our sessions. I want to share my growth, my lessons, my failures, my success with you.

I keep it between us. 100 percent confidentiality and privacy.

I am relentless in helping you move through the blocks.


How it works


We establish an objective

We identify mindset limitations that impact your visibility performance

We find ways to work through the limitations

We keep track of your challenges, wins, and overall progress


Once we have identified your marketing channels, I will help you implement the step-by-step actions through dedicated training, tailored to support your visibility strategy.


We will assess your current marketing performance, resources and challenges

We will evaluate visibility opportunities and identify step-by-step actions that will help you achieve the ultimate goals

We will create a visibility strategy tailored to your needs and possibilities and break down individual steps for you to take on week after week

We will identify your audience

We will identify the marketing channels that you need to focus on to increase visibility

We will identify existing marketing skills, and make plans on how to improve other needed skills


What fits your goal?

Visibility Jumpstart:

5 sessions over 2 months duration | bi-weekly one-hour meetings, recorded calls, email support, mindset coaching, and marketing consultancy support

Investment: $1,250

Payment options: Pay in full and enjoy 10% discount or pay session by session ($250 per month).

Visibility Diva:

24 sessions over 6 months duration | one-hour weekly meetings, recorded calls, email support, mindset coaching, training for marketing tools, tailored marketing consultancy

Investment: $5,999

Payment options: Pay in full and enjoy 10% discount or pay monthly.


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