Custom Puzzles, Quilling Floral Mandala

I had so much fun making paper flowers this spring - they were actually therapeutic at a time when I was feeling overwhelmed by what was going on with the world. So for a couple of weeks, I began my day making mandalas with paper flowers. Some were so pretty I just had to save them for later. Some became posters, other became puzzles.

Making a custom puzzle of my very first paper flower mandala was easy as pie. I uploaded my high resolution picture to Zazzle (or send them to local print services if you don't want to wait) and in a couple of days I would have my very own unique custom puzzle design.

I tried three print services before I chose my favorite print (pictured in this post) and I was even considering making a collection of quilling themed puzzles to sell. But I gave up after testing the idea on a couple of friends and realizing it would work better for kids. I looked for kid-friendly large piece-puzzle templates (like 6 big chunks instead of 100), but couldn't find one outside China nor really affordable to be printing it locally. So for now, if you fancy one of my custom quilling puzzles, just send me an email. An A4, 100 something pcs puzzle is 16 euro + shipping.

♡ M.