Beautiful and Easy to Craft: DIY Cement Flower Vases

I’m getting married in a couple of weeks and I’ve been doing a lot of wedding DIY. To be honest I think being able to DIY stuff for my wedding made the entire planning a lot more thrilling. I designed our wedding invitations, favors, table numbers and card box. I thought I was done but then I realized I needed some vases for my flowers.

So, that gave me a great opportunity to try out a DIY project I’ve been waiting to for a while: making stuff out of cement.

Beautiful and Easy to Craft: DIY Cement Flower Vases

Turns out making flowers vases out of cement is actually quite an easy DIY project. And it gave me a chance to recycle some of the plastic water bottles I’ve been hoarding lately.

DIY Cement Flower Vases - Beautiful and Easy to Craft -

The steps for this concrete DIY project are easy to follow. I was worried about messing up the recipe and making a huge mess. But happily enough I managed to keep it under control and make two brand new rectangular flower vases out of cement. And it’s just the beginning. I’m making another 50 pcs and I’ll put them all for sale after my wedding.


I’m sharing the step-by-step tutorial on my rectangular concrete flower vases below.


Step 1: Getting supplies

I found all my supplies super fast. I only went out to buy concrete. I had no idea what brand to buy or if I could find it in craft stores. So I just went to the hardware store near my studio and ordered the smallest bag of white concrete they had. 22 kilos. The guys over there were so sweet, they carried it for me from the store to my studio.

DIY Cement Flower Vases - Beautiful and Easy to Craft -

Everything else I already had in the studio. And I was lucky once again, i wood be, the lovely wood artist I’m sharing the studio with, had sandpaper and a sanding machine to help me give my concrete flower vases a nice finish.

What you’ll need to make DIY cement flower vases:

  • A bag of fine white concrete
  • Water
  • Plastic recipients
  • Spoon
  • A damp cloth
  • Scissors or cutter
  • Sandpaper / Sanding machine
  • Dust mask
  • Protective gloves


Step 2: Making molds for your cement vases

I love how creative you can get when crafting with cement. You can basically use any mold that can hold cement and it’s easy to remove. I used 4 rectangular plastic water bottles for my molds, two large and two small.

So if you don’t know how to make molds for concrete/cement flower vases or planters just turn to your plastic recipients. Even a plastic cup will be of use. Or cardboard boxes like those for milk and juice. Just make sure you put protective tape on the corners to make sure it keeps its shape while it dries.

I used a cutter and scissors to cut my plastic bottles to the desired length.

DIY Cement Flower Vases - Beautiful and Easy to Craft -


Step 3: Preparing your cement mix

I was nervous about this one. But I figured it out eventually. So I used two parts concrete and one part tap water. I didn’t know how much I needed for my two molds, so I made the same mix three times.

DIY Cement Flower Vases - Beautiful and Easy to Craft -

I used a plastic casserole and a metal spoon to mix it all. I poured the cement first and then gradually poured the water and mixing it the spoon. I adjusted with more cement when the mix looked too soggy.

DIY Cement Flower Vases - Beautiful and Easy to Craft -


Step 4: Pouring the mix into molds

This was the fun part. It felt like I was making “science”. I had my dust mask on, protection gloves, my molds at hand and a big bag of cement by my side. I felt quite like the “handy-woman”.

I poured straight from my casserole into the molds. The first time I didn’t take into account there was another plastic bottle that would come into the middle and I poured too much of the mix so it ended up looking a bit messy.

I filled the center bottles with water to make sure they don’t pop out of my exterior mold. I also slowly tapped the molds against the ground to take out any air bubbles.

It’s smart to pay attention to this step. It keeps the messiness under control. However, make sure you have a damp rag at hand to clean up extra cement.

DIY Cement Flower Vases - Beautiful and Easy to Craft -


Step 5: Let it dry

I waited for 24 hrs for the cement to dry and turn into concrete. It’s the first time I ever have to wait for some craft project to be complete. I didn’t think I would be patient enough, but I filled my day making some new paper flowers. So, one day passed and it was safe to break the molds and take out my vases.

I didn’t use cooking spray on the interior of my molds and it was a bit of a hassle to remove those. I used a lot of tools to do that, and the interior bottle I used had a design that made it all more difficult. So take this as a lesson, and learn from my mistakes :).



Step 6: The finishing touches

The plastic water bottles I used for molds left a strong mark so I needed to tone that down. I used sandpaper but it was taking too long. So I used a sanding machine to remove the letter marks and give the vases a fine, smooth look. I also used it on the upper part to smooth down the corners and tips.

 Before sanding

Before sanding

 After sanding

After sanding

DIY Cement Flower Vases - Beautiful and Easy to Craft -
DIY Cement Flower Vases - Beautiful and Easy to Craft -

When you’re machine-sanding concrete make sure you wear a dust mask and you’re doing it in a ventilated space. You’re going to make a mess. There’s a lot of dust involved.

DIY-Cement-Flower-Vases-Tutorial---Monica's-Makes---15 (1).png

I will be sharing more of my wedding vases in a couple of weeks. But you can check them out sooner on my Instagram, @monicamakes.

Hope you liked this easy-to-follow DIY tutorial for concrete flower vases. Do share your tips or projects in a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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