Photo Booth Decor: My DIY Paper Flower Wall

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This year I managed to craft two paper flower walls. The first one was a personal challenge and the accomplishment of a dream I had for about two years. The second paper flower wall I DIY-ed was a special order for one of my photobooth clients.

Paper flower frenzy: an entire wall perfect for photo booth decor.

I crafted my first paper flower wall in about a week. Well, this one took me about 2 weeks and if I give it an in-depth look, there’s still a lot of work to be done. But since my photobooth gig was set in stone, I tried my best to do a good job within the time I had. And I love how it all turned out.

How I made my own paper flower wall for a photo booth event via

Here I am, in front of my DIY paper flower wall and my photobooth. The pictures turned out so colorful and pretty thanks to this gorgeous floral backdrop and my client was super happy with it all. And that gave me such a big smile, I still have it whenever I think about that night.

Read below for the steps on making a paper flower wall decor

Making a paper flower wall yourself isn’t rocket-science. It’s time consuming though. I decided to use a die and my Big Shot machine from Sizzix for this project. The die was large rose die, I have a step-by-step tutorial available here btw.

Step 1: Getting supplies

I went through a lot of cardstock and 120 gmp paper in several colors. Initially I planned to make an ombre paper flower backdrop, but since I was on a tight schedule, I decided to freestyle it.

I used two types of paper flowers: the large flowers, created with Sizzix, and the small flowers, created with a multi-blade scissor and glue.

I got my supplies from Amazon, from Sizzix themselves and from a local paper store. I could have done a better job outsourcing my paper, but doh, next time.

I brought it all together with paper glue and a hot glue gun.

For my base, I used a white sheet which I attached to a standard photo studio backdrop setup.

What you’ll need to make your own photo booth decor with paper flowers:

Step 2: Cut your shapes

Again, you can check out the full step-by-step tutorial on how to make the paper flowers with Sizzix Big Shot and dies right here. If you want to try crafting your own paper flower wall just repeat the steps listed in that tutorial over and over again, until you have enough flowers to cover up your surface.

The frilled flowers are super easy to make. I’ll make a tutorial soon.


This is the best part of DIY-ing your own paper flower wall. Stretch your base or prepare it if it’s a solid base. Take your hot glue gun and start attaching your paper flowers one-by-one onto your base.

It does take some time, so be careful not to overheat your hot glue gun. I ended up with some very painful blisters on my fingers because of the hot glue gun. I’m not going to share those pics… trust me, it’s a gross sight.


Yey, you’re done. Now it’s time to take many, many photos and share them on social media. Invite your friends over, they’re going to love taking selfies with that backdrop. Or, if you’re seriously into photography, use your paper flower wall as decor for portrait photo sessions.

How I made my own paper flower wall for a photo booth event via

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed this paper flower wall DIY project.

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