How To Make a 3D-Flowers Card For Mother's Day with Sizzix Dies

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I love handmade cards. They are so thoughtful and when the person who gifted it is the same person who made it, I know that is a truly special gesture. When someone takes the time to craft something for you, be it pretty, or not, it shows you occupy a special place in their hearts.

It goes without saying, I’m definitely a supporter of handmade cards for Mother’s Day. It gets even better when the parents pitch in and help their kids craft them. It’s a beautiful moment to create a new memory, and work together as a team.

So, dads, this easy Mother’s Day project is for you

What you will need to make a card for Mother’s Day with 3D flowers:

I have recently made an obsession for Sizzix’ Bigz Die 3D Flowers die cut. And I’ve used them for anything from broches, to flower walls, head crowns, and handmade cards. In this project, I’m using them to add color and dimension to a handmade card made for Mother’s Day.

Read below for the DIY tutorial on making this pretty 3D-flowers paper card for Mother’s Day

If you’re more into watching DIY video tutorials, then check out the video version of this tutorial on my Romanian channel, right here.

Step 1: Cut your shapes

Make a sandwich of the plastic dies, with the Bigz Die 3D Flowers and paper in the center. Put it through the machine. This die can cut through heavier paper, but I usually use two pieces of an A5 250 gmp at a time. That’s four pieces of A5 paper to get four of these paper spirals. These are the petals of your paper flowers.

Use the plastic mats with green mat, and pu the thinlits and paper in the center to cut the leaves, label, and letters. This part takes a little bit of time, but you should be done with everything within 30 minutes.

Step 2: Roll the paper spirals into flowers

Using your fingers, a quilling tool, or a tweezers, start rolling the paper spirals, starting with the narrow end, towards the largest one.

Keep the coil tight if you want a smaller, tighter flower, or loosen it up for a larger shape.

Easy 3D Paper Flowers Card For Mother's Day - See more at #mothersday #sizzix #paperflowers #handmadecards


Step 3: Assemble the label

I loved this part of this DIY project, mainly because the Dainty Lowercase dies are super cute and look awesome on the beautiful metallic golden paper I used for the label.

Use a little bit of paper glue to attach the letters to the golden label.

Easy 3D Paper Flowers Card For Mother's Day - See more at #mothersday #sizzix #paperflowers #handmadecards

Step 4: Put it all together

The final step was the nicest. It was like putting together a puzzle, and I loved it. I started from the bottom left corner, and moved my way up and clockwise. The leaves went at the bottom, then the flowers on top. In the end, I used a strip of foam adhesive paper to attach the label to the card. I wanted it to add to the 3D effect of this Mother’s Day DIY.

Easy 3D Paper Flowers Card For Mother's Day - See more at #mothersday #sizzix #paperflowers #handmadecards

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed this pretty 3D-Flowers Card Project for Mother’s Day.

Have any tips or projects you'd like to share? I'd love to hear from you so please share in the comments section below. 

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