Christmas Crafts: Fragrant DIY Lavender Fabric Satchels

I have been working on creating Christmas gift sets with all kinds of lavender goodies and today I finally got to DIY one of the loveliest items in the pack: the lavender satchels.

Fragrant DIY Lavender Fabric Satchels-Monicas DIY - 0.png

It's been a while since I last practiced my sewing skills, and I've got admit I was a bit worried with how these were going to turn out. I've never been very skilled in using my sewing machine, but that's mainly because I don't use it often enough to actually get better at. Anyway,  I guess these lavender satchels turned pretty good after all. 

I'm doing a lot of things this Christmas with my lavender and quilling businesses. I actually decided to combine the best of two worlds so for this holiday season I'm selling Christmas gift sets with in-house products. It's definitely a challenge and comes with a learning curve. So far, I've made candles, bath bombs and now satchels. All containing my fragrant lavender.

♡ M.