Photography Prop: Huge Crepe Paper Flower

I love it when photographers get creative in the studio. My friend Cristiana is a newborn baby photographer and she wanted to spice up things in the studio with a pop of color and utter prettiness. So, enter this beautiful, huge paper flower to hold young human blossoms.

Photography Prop Idea: Huge Crepe Paper Flower

I wanted to make one of these flowers for so long now. It’s the first time I worked with crepe paper and while I’m still not very familiar with the techniques, I love how the petals turned out. And being huge as it is, the paper holds its weight well.

Photography Prop: Huge Crepe Paper Flower - See more at

I tried using patterns, but I soon switched to free style and had fun with the scissors. It’s really magic to see how paper transforms under your fingers. It’s a beautiful art and now I’m even more in love with paper flowers.

I can’t wait to make another one soon and I’ll work on a tutorial for you. It’s a beautiful DIY project, totally achievable with a bit of patience and the right tools.

If you want to make your own crepe paper flower:

  • crepe paper (used 4 rolls of 180 gsm paper flower)

  • hot glue gun

  • scissors

Photography Prop: Huge Crepe Paper Flower - See more at

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed this paper flower wall DIY project.

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