12 Gift Ideas for the Friend Who Loves Quilling


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This gift guide is for the friends, families and coworkers of the people passionate about creating wonderful things out of paper. This gift guide contains 12 beautiful ideas for that friend who loves quilling. It features tools, books and supplies to help your friend create his or her next amazing quilling artwork.

The list contains quilling items that I have used myself in the 10 yrs I have been practicing this art form, tools and instruments that have made my life easier, or that have helped me take my craft to the next level. There’s also some stuff part of my wish list, because you can never have enough supplies when you are a crafter.


Gift idea 1#: Quilling needles

I remember how rudimentary my first quilling tool was. I kid you not, but I was actually using a toothpick to roll my paper strips. Trust me it was not fun. And then I discovered quilling needles and was blown away when I noticed there were different sizes available. It’s something that has allowed me to be even more creative and to make my quilling work look a lot more professional.


Gift idea 2#: electric quilling pen

This one is a great choice if your friend does a lot of quilling. Like a lot. I discovered this electric pen two years ago when I got a huge order for quilling flowers. It allowed me to roll my paper strips a lot faster and yup, it did save me time, and allowed me to increase my profit margins. When it comes to handmade businesses, anything helps.


Gift idea 3#: quilling comb

Once you get into quilling, the more you work, the more you discover unique shapes and are in need of tools to help you create consistent designs. A comb is a great way to add more uniqueness and diversity into a quilling artist’s artwork. I use the quilling comb to make leaves & flowers, and I love how much creative freedom it gives me.


Gift idea 4#: quilling board

This is one quilling tool that is extremely handy. It allows us quillers to be even more creative when it comes to the paper shapes we work with. The holes and pins makes it easier for us to create layouts and beautifully, clean crafter designs such as letters, numbers, flowers and leaves.


Gift idea 5#: quilling Domes Mold

You might have realized by now that a lot of the work we do with quilling requires us to replicate the same shapes. But it is really hard to replicate the designs the same way when we’re doing handmade work. This domes mold is really helpful, especially when it comes to 3D designs.


Gift idea 6#: quilling tweezers

Tweezers are essential in paper art, and even more in quilling art. It gives us the ability to be precise in our work, especially when it comes to high detail work. Your friend will love you for this gift. I’ve had mine for a couple of years, and with them I can make a lot more complex work.


Gift idea 7#: quilling template board

The more diversity we have in the forms we use, the more fun quilling becomes. This quilling template board features more than just circles, it also has squares, triangles, hearts and oval shapes. It allows us to create perfectly proportioned shapes and thanks to the cork base it works with pins as well, which only makes our quilling work easier.


Gift idea 8#: paper crimper

You might not know how to use this little quilling tool, but your friend is going to have a blast using this little one. A paper crimper tool will allow your friend to create a whole new range of paper quilling designs by making the paper strips wavy. I know you’re not exactly getting the excitement behind this, but trust me, someone who loves quilling will geek over it.


Gift idea 9#: quilling Borders

When these handy shape towers first appeared I was blown away by how easy it suddenly became to create a wide selection of quilling shapes. Yup, before these quilling instruments, I used to craft my own using anything from glasses, to plastic bottles, boxes and whatever else I could find that helped me create the shapes I wanted.


Gift idea 10#: Precision Tip Applicator Bottles

Many quilling projects require precision and attention to detail, and this is where the precision tip applicator bottles come in. These will allow your friend to use glue in an economic manner, and keep their designs clean of any glue traces. Yup, these are part of how paper artists create magic.


Gift idea 11#: multi-blade paper scissors

If your friend who quills a lot is into making fringe designs, this multi-blade paper scissors is going to be a great tool under his or her belt. It allows crafters to cut multiple times into paper in one use. When you’re crafting fringe flowers, this little tool is very handy. I’ve used mine for three years now, and I couldn’t be more grateful to the person who came up with the idea.


Gift idea 12#: manual paper shredder

I’ve had one of these for a couple of years now and it’s been a great tool to have around. It allows me to cut through paper that is a lot heavier than what I normally find in retail and online craft shops. It cuts paper strips at 3mm, and while this one is for A6, there’s also one for A4 size paper.

And the best part? It is super light, easy to carry and does not need electricity to make it work.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed this gift guide for quilling artists

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