The first DIY paper craft kit: Letter to Santa Claus

When I don’t geek out over content marketing and Pinterest, I craft. I started at it 11 yrs ago and so many years after I have finally transitioned into making my love for crafting, a side-business.

It hasn’t been an easy journey. When I first started, tools and supplies were either not available or so expensive I could only afford the basic stuff. Over the years, as I turned more into paper art and quilling, I have become a lot more nifty in using my available tools. And when my marketing biz started to bring in the funds, I went nuts for a while and binge-shopped a lot of new tools and tried new techniques.

I still returned to paper

So a couple of weeks ago I decided to put up for sale everything I wasn’t using anymore to make more space in my work room and to clear my head and focus on what I love. And it was a lot of stuff. I tried origami, kirigami, fimo-work, resin, textile painting, stamping, scrapbooking, flower making, candle, soap and bead-work… to name a couple. You get the idea though.

The fun part is that in re-organizing my tools and supplies I got the idea to brainstorm DIY craft kits. And this has opened a whole new creative opportunity. I love sharing the fun part of crafting with as much people as I can… doh, that’s the reason I blog. And during my first workshops, earlier this year, I realized people imagine it takes a lot of resources to craft on a weekly base. So here I am, now developing my own craft kits, hoping to make having this experience a lot easier, and affordable.

The first DIY craft kit: Letter to Santa Claus

I entered early in my holiday-mood. Late October we had a dedicated Christmas room in the building where I rent my space. It was part of a 2-day open house event and we all took part in making that space an amazing experience and help visitors get a better image of what entrepreneurship in the handmade and design industry looks like. You can see some pictures here.

Then, middle November, it hit me. I had just re-opened my Netflix account and one of the first things I watched was The Christmas Chronicle, a holiday movie with Santa that reminded me of how important it is for kids to write their letters. And it was also the sort of activity that parents could be involved in, especially with younger kids.

Santa Claus Letter  - DIY kit for kids

The Letter to Santa Claus kit contains a sweet envelope featuring Santa’s mailing address, paper for the kids to write their letter, a Christmas tree coloring template and a mix of cute paper shapes (circles, stars, trees and snowflakes).

I loved how uber-cute the envelopes are and guess what all my friends with kids are getting this holiday season from me?

The kit is currently available in Romania, but I’ll have a version ready for you too for next year.

If you want to make a Santa Claus paper kit for your kids, here’s what you need:

  • Photoshop or Canva, vectorial elements

  • Punchers, Sizzix etc to make the paper shapes

  • Printer or a print company to handle the printing job for the envelope and letter

If you want to buy the one I made, I can translate it to any language, but know that it can take up to 2 weeks to get it if you live in North America.

DIY Projects for Kids: Santa Claus Letter - see more at

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