A Paper Flower Crown for Summer Fairies, Inspired by Romanian Folklore

A couple of months ago I received a custom order for a DIY paper flower crown inspired by traditional Romanian folklore, from one a local fashion designer, Fori de Ie. It was a surprising challenge that did push some of my creative buttons, but all is well when it ends well.

a custom spin on a local tradition

In some regions of Romania, traditional costumes include as accessories head crowns. Some are made from paper or fabric flowers, others are made with beads. My custom spin on this local tradition stays true to the shape, the material and to same point the type of paper flower, which is inspired by carnations.

The blue color has a special meaning in Romania, especially in the region of Muntenia, where blue is a common color used in embroidering our traditional blouse (Ia) for women who have transitioned into motherhood. It’s also a color that represents water, and creative energy, as well as spirituality, hope and stability.

There’s a lot to be said about Romanian folklore and its traditional costumes, but those are stories for another time. You can check La Blouse Roumaine to learn more about them, if you’re interested.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, crafting this DIY paper flower crown was a challenge, but I was so grateful for keeping at it and not giving up when I saw it on the cover of a local magazine for women. The beautiful lady wearing it is the owner of Flori de Ie, the local designer of folkloric inspired blouses and dresses. She used it for this glossy shooting and it’s been one of the best rewards and most surprising wins of the year (so far, at least).

Even better, the designer also used it in the photo shooting of their new blouse collection. I’ve added the photos below. Feel free to click through to see more of the beautiful designs they make.

A Paper Flower Crown for Summer Fairies, Inspired by Romanian Folklore #folklore #paperflowers #accessories #handmade #DIY #papercraft

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