How to Make a Paper Flower with the New Sizzix Large Rose Die

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2018 is officially the year of paper flowers for me. I have recently launched a photo booth business and then realized my flower wall is actually the start of a flower making business. It’s new, it’s scary, but I’m incredibly happy at the end of the day. 

And I am also very grateful. This new side of me, this happiness of making paper flowers drew in so many wonderful people who inspired and invited me to express myself. 

In only three months, I’ve had my paper flowers decorating 2 events, 1 location, bringing in events throughout the year and opening a brand new opportunity. It’s April and I’ve already had three DIY workshops where I taught both kids and adults how to express their creativity by making large paper flowers with scissors and glue. It’s been fabulous!

However, with new business opportunities and orders, I needed to find a way to make paper flowers easy. The Easter bunny was listening because I got a really nice bundle of Sizzix’s new die cuts, all from the new collection, including the one in today’s paper flower DIY tutorial. So this marks the beginning of a monthly series of tutorials, where I show you how to use different Sizzix dies to create paper flowers and more. 

How to Make a Paper Flower with Sizzix’s New Large Rose Die. Full tutorial at

In today’s tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make an easy paper flower using one of the newest flowers design framelits on the Sizzix website - a large rose die, created by wedding planner David Tutera. It contains4 dies that create a beautiful paper flower. Follow the step-by-step tutorial down the page to learn how to use this new large rose die.

Materials you will need to make this paper flower

Step 1: How to make petals for your DIY paper flower

Start making your paper flower by using the large and small petal die cuts plus the center. Bend an A4 piece of paper in half and place the die cuts with the narrow end at the folded end. Make sure you slightly move the narrow end on the folded end. That way when you press and cut, you will get a double petal, instead of a single one.

Do the same thing for the center of your flower.

You will need 4 double petals for each die cut (petals and center). This means you will have to repeat this first step four times. At the end of which you will have:

  • 4 double big petals

  • 4 double small petals

  • 4 double center shapes

Step 2: Putting it all together

Assembling all the paper petals is going to be the easiest step. Use the Crease and Curl tool from Sizzix or a crayon to give contour and volume to your petals. This will give your paper petals a realistic look. 

Once you’re done with the curling of your petals, it’s time to assembly the elements. Start with the large petals, then assemble the small petals. Use glue to secure them together.

You will end up with two flowers, one large, one smaller. You will now glue them together, the small one over the large one, to create a large paper flower. 

How to Make a Paper Flower with Sizzix’s New Large Rose Die. Full tutorial at

Add the center and your flower should look like this:

Step 3: Making the leaves for your paper flower

If you want to add leaves to your flower, you can use the die cut included in the package. Just place the die cut face down in your Sizzix sandwich and pass it through the machine. Repeat twice to get two large leaves and then glue them on the back of your paper flower.

How to Make a Paper Flower with Sizzix’s New Large Rose Die. Full tutorial at

Tadaaaa! Here we go: a paper flower with Sizzix’s New Large Rose Die

Thanks for reading my DIY tutorial. I hope it will inspire you to start making your own beautiful paper flowers.

Visit my Pinterest board for more paper flower ideas, decorations and tutorials. PS: if you’re in the photo booth business, make sure you check out my Flowers Walls board. It’s chock full of beautiful ideas for your events.

♡ M.