Happy Customers: Quilling Table Numbers for Natalia's Wedding

Quilling Handmade Paper Table Wedding Numbers - Circul Magic Blog

I've been considering crafting more quilling items for weddings and as it turns out I got the chance to actually take a go it even earlier than I imagined. One of my friends has recently tied the knot (Congrats Natalia) and asked if I would want to craft the numbers for her wedding tables. I said Yes on the spot and started designing and experimenting with different quilling patterns until I realized there's one thing I really really want to do.

A few years ago I saw some designs on Pinterest featuring chalk and crayon coloring. I loved how nice the patterns, texture and colors looked, so I decided to try that on my quilling table numbers. And I loved how nice these beauties turned out!

We decided for a colorful theme and as support, we chose wood frames in a natural maroon hue to tone them down a bit and provide contrast. I was a bit nervous with how these numbers would fit in with the rest of the wedding decor but I am loving the unique colorful touch they add to the table. After seeing the pictures from Natalia's wedding I can't wait to give this project another try and experiment with different new techniques and colors.

For custom orders or to rent this series for your wedding or party, contact me at ✉ circulmagicshop@gmail.com or here.

♡ M.