How to Make Beautiful Cards with Wax Crayon Shavings


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I love crayons. I love love them. But as pretty as they are, I suck at drawing. Fortunately, I discovered there's an easy way to make art with crayons. All it takes is an iron, wax crayons and a pencil sharpener.

Put your creativity at work to make beautiful and colorful cards using only wax crayon shavings and an iron

It was December when I first tried making cards using melted wax crayon shavings. I was brainstorming ideas for an easy DIY project that I could get kids involved in. It was so much fun I spent 6 hours ironing, and that's not something I like doing normally. After all that, I ended up with a few dozens cards that I gifted people for the holidays. 

If you do however want to make this melted crayon art project with your kids, make sure you're operating the ironing machine. Just to be on the safe side of things.

Read below for the DIY tutorial on making melted crayon art

Making beautiful cards with just wax crayon shavings is quite an affordable, easy-to-make and fast DIY project. The steps are uncomplicated and supplies are easily available. 

Step 1: Getting supplies

You can use old wax crayons for this project - in fact it's a great way to recycle your old wax crayons. If you don't already own some, or you just need an excuse to hit the hobby store, then just go and buy some new ones. I used a pack of beautifully colored wax crayons I bought years ago and haven't used at all. Paid maybe $5 for mine. 

I always keep parchment paper or baking release paper around the house. I sometimes get a sweet tooth and feel like throwing a chef's hat and create some magic in the kitchen. But to be honest, I use it more for crafting purposes, rather than baking goodies.

You will need this type of paper to protect your iron from getting any melted crayon bits on it. I'd advise you to get a sturdier sheet than mine, to make sure it doesn't leave any traces.

The rest of supplies needed to make melted crayon cards are even easier to get: an iron, some adhesive tape and cardboard or heavy paper.

wax-crayon-card-handmade-tutorial---monicas-makes---1 (1).jpg

What you’ll need to make your own beautiful cards with wax crayon shavings:


Step 2: Prepare your workspace

This is an essential part to make sure you're not making a mess. I tried to keep it contained, it worked until my cat decided to join in, but that's another story.

For my workspace I used two pieces of parchment paper. The one on the bottom sticks to the table with the help of adhesive tape. That's to protect my table. The second piece of parchment is used to protect the iron, and comes on top of your cardboard and wax crayon shavings. 

Imagine you're creating a not very delicious sandwich, using parchment paper at the exterior, and cardboard with wax crayon shavings in the middle. Uh, yummy?


Step 3: makING wax crayon shavings

Now comes the fun part. Use your pencil sharpener and wax crayons to make the shavings. I was too thrilled with how the project was coming along that I had a hard time keeping it contained. I was all over the place, mixing colors, creating colorful patterns and textures.

Once the excitement of your first melted crayon art card goes away, you will realize how easy it is to create custom melted art, with complex designs.

But for your first card, just go nuts with it. Let your creativity flow free.


Step 4: melting wax crayons with an iron

This is way easier than it sounds. 

Once you got your wax crayon shavings spread on your cardboard surface and you're happy with the design, it's time to bring in the ironing machine and seal the deal.

Place your second piece of parchment paper on top of your crayon shavings to finish your sandwich. Plug in your ironing machine and put it over the sandwich. 

If you move it sideways, you will get a bit of a smudge pattern and create the illusion of movement. If you put it straight on top and don't move it, then your colors will stay in place. However, keep in mind that they will expand and combine with the colors next to them. That's what wax does under the heat. So expect your finished project to be a bit different than what you had on paper before adding the ironing machine in the mix. 

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It doesn't take long for the wax crayon shavings to melt. A couple of seconds is enough. While you're putting the ironing machine away, wait a couple seconds before removing the parchment paper


Step 5: give them an extra kick (Optional)

If you have any scrapbooking supplies, you can use them to add an extra kick to your melted crayon art cards. I used Sizzix dies to cut out butterflies and words, like love, joyful and happiness. I suggest you use large dies to make sure the word pops-out and is easy to spot against the colorful background.

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Thanks for reading. Hope you liked this easy idea to make beautiful cards with wax crayon shavings.

Have any tips or projects you'd like to share? I'd love to hear from you so please share in the comments section below. 

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