Potted Plant Favors Bring Color to a Garden Themed Party

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Oh boy, am I a geek for flowers and party decorations. Although I was busy crafting stuff for my own wedding, I just couldn't say no to a friend putting in an order for favors at a garden themed party.

It was a party dedicated to the celebration of a beautiful baby boy, an intimate affair, with a lot of rustic elements and a garden theme. So we came up with the idea of making potted plant favors to stay in theme. And boy did they turn out great. 

Potted plant favors will keep guests in awe long after the party

Initially we wanted to use four-leaf clover plants but my friend found these pretty yellow zinnias and we decided to use them instead. And it was a great choice, because these favors popped out from the crowd and had guests in awe long after the party.

Potted Plant Favors Bring Color to a Garden Themed Party - Read more at www.monicabadiu.com

Read below for the DIY tutorial on making colorful potted party plant favors

Making potted plant party favors is not rocket-science, but it is a DIY project that is a tad time-consuming. So, if you're planning to make more than 20 such favors, make sure you enlist friends to help you out. It might also be a good idea to invest in a large Sizzix box die - it will make things so much easier. 


Step 1: Getting supplies

The great thing with this DIY project is that supplies are easy to find and replace if you can't find the exact ones.

I went with paper boxes since it was easier to find the right color and because I didn't want to use any plastic in making these favors. However, you can replace the paper boxes with wood boxes, plastic wraps, cotton or sackcloth.

I got an A4 cardstock purple pack to make my boxes, used my home printer for the teddy bear labels, ice cream wood sticks and potted plants from the flower market.

Potted Plant Favors Bring Color to a Garden Themed Party - Read more at www.monicabadiu.com

What you’ll need to make potted plant party favors:


Step 2: Prepare your boxes

Making the paper boxes is the hardest part. If you have some cutting machine and the appropriate size dies, then this shouldn't take you as long as it did me. One day just to make about 30 boxes. But it was worth it.

Since I didn't have a die for large boxes to use with my Sizzix machine, I used an old box to draw a template and then manually cut from A4 sheets the needed parts. I used a pencil, a ruler, scissors and a cutter to make that happen. 

I made my paper boxes from two different parts, just to make sure the bottom was sturdy enough to keep its form and support the weight of the potted plant. It was time-consuming to say the least, but it did involve some origami, patience and glue to keep everything together. 

I also used clips to make sure the folded parts kept in place while the glue dried. On the inside, I should have been more careful in adding the finishing touches, but fortunately, with the plotted pant in it, it was hid from plain sight. 

Some of the boxes weren't exactly perfect, but that's the problem with handmade stuff. 

Potted Plant Favors Bring Color to a Garden Themed Party - Read more at www.monicabadiu.com


Step 3: Make the labels

I love how creative you can get with making labels, even if you're not a pro with digital design. I made mine using Illustrator, a cute teddy bear element from Creative Market and a banner template from Freepik.com. 

I printed them on plain A4 paper and then cut them individually. Another painstaking task, so if you're planning on doing this, get a friend involved. You will thank me later. 

To make the label on the stick, I actually cut two teddy bears silhouettes and glued them together, sandwiching between them an ice cream wood stick. I had a lot of issues with the glue leaving marks or air bubbles and messing up my labels, but I got over that with some patience. 

Potted Plant Favors Bring Color to a Garden Themed Party - Visit www.monicabadiu.com for the tutorial.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed this fun party decoration project. Natural flowers will always be a great choice for party decor and favors. 

Have any tips or projects you'd like to share? I'd love to hear from you so please share in the comments section below. 

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