DIY Money Box from an IKEA Greenhouse


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I got married recently and I've went all DIY with the wedding planning. I designed our wedding invitations, favors, table numbers, photo booth template and background, money box and more. 

It got a little messy and pretty stressful at times, but DIY-ing my way through the wedding, gave me a great opportunity to try out new techniques and projects.


Converting an IKEA greenhouse into a card or money box for a wedding

There are many, many ways to make a DIY card or money box for a wedding, but I chose to use an IKEA $20 greenhouse for my project. Several reasons behind that, but mostly it was the aesthetics, the affordability, and availability. In other words, I already had it and didn't have enough time to look for a different project. I finished my project only 3 days before my wedding day. Ups.

DIY Wedding Ideas: Making a Money Box out of an IKEA Green House - See the tutorial at


Read below for the step-by-step tutorial on this IKEA greenhouse DIY money box below.

The steps for this DIY wedding project are easy to follow. Super easy in fact. All you need is some patience and maybe an hour of your time, or less, depending on how complex your illustrations get. Oh, and you don't even need to be a pro in calligraphy.


Step 1: Getting supplies

It turns out you get to take a visit to IKEA for this project. I might not have mentioned this before, but I forget to leave whenever I'm in IKEA. So, so many pretty things. But this time, I didn't have to take the journey. I already had bought my greenhouse. Fortunately that meant I could actually make this DIY project on a budget.

The other supplies are even easier to acquire. You need a printer, some graphic design software (Canva works fine too), scissors, adhesive tape and markers of your choice. I used an average chalk marker and a double-ended fuchsia marker from Sizzix. 


What you’ll need to make A DIY money box for a wedding from an IKEA greenhouse:


Step 2: Making the calligraphy design

I measured the length of the greenhouse to figure out how big my designs should be. I figured out an A4 printed on the widest part would be good enough. So I took to Photoshop to create my words. If you don't have that, Canva would work too. Go nuts with your fonts, and the bigger your letters, the easier it's going to be to trace them on the greenhouse.

After I had my words (our names, date and a cute quote) ready I hit the print button and roughly cut them out with scissors. I used an average adhesive tape to keep the cutout words in place on the interior of the greenhouse. Now all I had to do was take my markers and start drawing the words on the exterior.

DIY Wedding Ideas: Making a Money Box out of an IKEA Green House - See the tutorial at

It's easy to work through it step-by-step to make sure you're not smudging your designs. My best advice is to remember that patience goes a long way,

DIY Wedding Ideas: Making a Money Box out of an IKEA Green House - See the tutorial at

The best part about my DIY project was being able to calligraphy stuff even though I really, really suck at it. Even with a contour, I still had trouble coloring within the lines. If you're anything like me, it would be useful to keep cotton swabs or wet wipes around to clean up the mess. That works really nice with chalk markers. But you will need some rubbing alcohol and patience for alcohol-based markers.


Step 3: Add your decorations

DIY-ing stuff for my wedding gave me the opportunity to craft even more paper flowers. I'm getting a bit worried about how addicted I am to making them. But enough about that for now. I had made some paper flowers a couple of weeks later, just testing out some new Sizzix dies, and I had a bunch of them just collecting dust in my studio, so I decided to throw them inside the greenhouse for a touch of color. And they were quite a nice thing to look at. 

I'm still waiting on the photos from our photographer, but once I'll have them, I'll share a couple with you. We placed the DIY money box on our table and invited guests to put their cards in. 

DIY Wedding Ideas: Making a Money Box out of an IKEA Green House - See the tutorial at

Thanks for reading. Hope you liked this easy-to-make DIY money box for a wedding.

Have any tips or projects you'd like to share? I'd love to hear from you so please share in the comments section below. 

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