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Hello Boss Babe!

Are you ready to jumpstart your Pinterest content to drive more website traffic, leads and sales?

Oh, and run your business, live a beautiful life, enjoy time with your friends and family? Girl, I so know that.

Being an entrepreneur and staying on top of everything is not easy. Yet, we love every moment of it. In the midst of it all we meet awesome people, we learn so many new things, make new biz besties and we better ourselves every day at this #girlboss thing.

Finding time for it all while staying sane and healthy is a challenge in itself. But, this is where I come in.

I help small business & female entrepreneurs learn and implement marketing strategies for their blogs & Pinterest

I use my longtime experience as a marketing manager, business strategist, coach and VA to create tailored Pinterest marketing strategies that grow website traffic, leads and sales.

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Hi! My name is Monica Badiu. I am a Pinterest marketing specialist. Work with me to jumpstart your Pinterest profile -

Welcome #girlboss!

Hello you fellow awesome pinner! My name is Monica. I am a passionate marketing professional, experienced in brand development, content creation and social media. I've been on Pinterest since 2012, testing out different strategies, pinning formats and implementing marketing campaigns for brands across two continents.

Nowadays I help female entrepreneurs skyrocket their website traffic with Pinterest.

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