Lavender Journal #5: Flowers in Bloom

Some people might think that expensive things or lavish holidays make the best gifts. I couldn't disagree more. The best gift is seeing your work paying off and, in my case, seeing my lavender flowers in bloom for the first time. 

I swear this was the best sight I enjoyed this year. Best gift ever.

 My face says it all, right?

My face says it all, right?

I wasn't prepared for this. I was only mentally prepared to navigate a fresh jungle of weeds. But nature had this surprise in store for me, and it was the perfect gift. 

By the way, as you enjoy the pics below, just note that I first took the pics, then I handled the weeds. I was so happy, I couldn't really concentrate on anything else.

So, after I got rid of the weeds, I started cutting the blooms and here's my small, fragrant treasure. I did not expect such a big bounty. After cutting the first blooms I realized I had a lot more than what I initially expected. I was lucky enough to have my dad around to help me bring all these blooms back home.

One thing though: I missed the peak of the blooming season and most of the lavender flowers had already lost their vibrant color. Not their fragrance though. But, we live, we learn.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. Most of the times I visited the lavender field this year, I did so, on a bike. That was quite an experience, carrying a hoe, water bottles, and food. But enough about that, let's look at some lavender blooms:

Lavender in Bloom Green Field Zana Florilor Romania Lavandula Angustifolia Sevthopolis

There was one more beautiful floral gift waiting for me in the field. In the spring, I also planted some marigold (Calendula Officinalis) seeds and those sprouted and grew and gave me these beauties.