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About Branding, Cats, and Entrepreneurship with Laurence Garant, The Weirdo Coach

In this week’s Go Live With Me episode, I talked with Laurence Garant from Lola Studio Design, female entrepreneur specializing in branding. We talked about personal mindset stories, productivity hacks, cats, aaand some pretty good insights into why branding is not only about logos, colors, and fonts. My guest was Laurence Garant, founder of Lola Design.

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Looking for Awesome Humans to Interview for my Facebook Show

I strongly believe we learn by sharing stories, lessons, and experiences, therefore I decided to launch the Go Live with Me interview series featuring entrepreneurs, and passionate people from all over the world.

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27 Marketing Action Steps to Promote Your Yoga Workshops

Marketing a workshop or your yoga business doesn’t have to be super pushy, long and boring. It can be an expression of happiness, a driver of motivation and even a positive intent sent out into the universe. Ask to receive what you need. Here are 27 marketing action steps to help you promote your yoga workshops using your website, social media, email and traditional media.

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