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The Entrepreneur Journal #6: Owning your story as an entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is a scary thing. It’s also a thrilling, super exciting journey where every day is a new opportunity to discover something new about yourself, not only about your business. One of the hardest things I had to do was owning and sharing my story.

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5 Marketing Strategies for Travel Agencies to Make it in the Self Service World

The travel agency business is not dead - even if competition might be more intense than ever before. If you’re ready to embrace the new way consumers are researching, planning and booking their trips, you can find powerful new opportunities to expand your reach and client base.

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Use Pinterest to Grow Your Yoga Business

If you teach yoga and you’re looking for ways to inspire others, share that love on Pinterest.  63% of millennial pinners use Pinterest to discover new brands and products to buy. Share your favorite poses, your morning routines, your go-to stretches, your favorite books on yoga or your next meditation retreat. Your audience is on Pinterest and it is waiting for your content

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