Cleanup for your Pinterest Profile

Cleanup for your Pinterest Profile


Your Pinterest account delivers results when your content is consistent and in line with your brand objectives, mission and personality. Think of your Pinterest content as a mood board. This is something designers use to reflect a brand’s personality, voice and values and create the needed inspiration to design brands, websites and products.

A Pinterest account cleanup helps make sure the content you have there communicates your message with clarity. It’s a very first step to take when you’re ready to take your entire business to a new level.

Get your Pinterest account in top shape with a profile cleanup

This is for you if you’ve just gone through a rebranding OR are planning to upgrade your personal Pinterest account to a business one. If you’ve decided to take your Pinterest to a new level and grow website traffic actively then it’s time for a cleanup.

I have worked with clients for whom Pinterest became the second biggest source of visits on a website, bringing in brand visibility, email subscribers, fans, customers and partnerships. I want to help you harness Pinterest to its full potential.

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  •  Audit with directions of improvement

  • SEO keywords recommended to implement across your profile

  • Cleanup of your front page (image, title, bio description and call to action)

  • Optimized board titles and pin descriptions

  • Organization of your boards

  • Up to 10 new boards with 10 pins each

  • Archival of boards that no longer reflect your brand

  • Cover images for your boards

  • Cleanup of group boards that are no longer relevant

  • Two 30-min video calls (before and after)


 ✔ After order confirmation, I will reach out to you to require access to your Pinterest and Google Analytics accounts. I will prepare an audit and then schedule our first 30-min video call to get your feedback and discuss directions for your brand on Pinterest. Depending on how much content you have in your Pinterest boards, the audit will be ready within 2 to 7 days.

 ✔ It’s great if you have a content calendar set in place for your blog - that way we can plan your Pinterest content to be in line with your niche and future plans.

 ✔ Following my initial assessment you will receive a document with my proposals for bio description, call to actions, boards descriptions, keywords and board covers.

 ✔ Then I work my magic and actively start to clean up and optimize your Pinterest content. Depending on how much content you have in your Pinterest boards, the cleanup will be ready within 7 to 14 days.

 ✔ When I’m done, we’ll schedule our second 30-min video call where I walk you through the process and give you directions going ahead.

 ✔ After our call, you will receive the video recording and a document that lists and explains the procedures.

✔ This does not involve any pin deletion.


  • A marketing dashboard template for you to track results over time

  • My procedures to keep your profile clean over time

 Be part of my network of awesome people on  LinkedIn

Be part of my network of awesome people on LinkedIn

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My name is Monica Badiu. I am a passionate marketing professional, experienced in brand development, content creation and social media. I've been on Pinterest since 2012, testing out different strategies, pinning formats and implementing marketing campaigns for brands across two continents.

Nowadays, I help small business & entrepreneurs learn and implement marketing strategies for their blogs & Pinterest 😍. I've spent a good part of 2018 looking, researching and auditing hundreds of Pinterest accounts to understand what they're doing right and what they're doing wrong. 

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