PRO Audit for your Pinterest Profile

PRO Audit for your Pinterest Profile


You’ve know how powerful Pinterest can be in getting website traffic and you’ve been binge-reading everything you can on setting up your profile and creating pins. But now you’re tired and a bit lost wondering if you’re doing it all right?

Curious to find out how your Pinterest profile is doing? It’s time to get an audit and clear the air.

With the PRO audit for your Pinterest profile you will learn how well your public Pinterest profile matches your brand’s identity, how well you’re doing your SEO, how effective is your website in getting more pins and so much more.

I will look in Google and Pinterest analytics to identify your most popular pins, your most popular website pages and give out recommendations to help you create viral content.

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Am I doing this right? Where could I improve? With this Pinterest audit you get answers to your questions to help you put an end to the uncertainty.

An expert (yep, that's me) will review the basics of your profile through the eyes of a Pinner.  You will get a video and pdf containing information and suggestions to improve your Pinterest account in relation to the following aspects:

  • Pinterest profile (image, profile name, descriptions, website link)

  • Pinterest SEO (boards titles and descriptions, pins, profile descriptions)

  • Aesthetics (board covers, overall pin aesthetics, branded pins)

  • How Pinterest-friendly is your website

  • Metrics (Google & Pinterest to identify most popular pins & pages)



 ✔ I will look at your Pinterest profile and website through the eyes of a Pinner looking for accurate information, entertainment and clarity.

 ✔ I will audit your Pinterest profile with an expert eye to check your boards' number, pins and sections, SEO descriptions, links, call to actions, and pin formatting.

 ✔ I will test your website to see if it's easy for visitors to engage with your Pin buttons and see how your image is added to Pinterest, whether or not it imports your image description without flaw. 

 ✔ I will go deep in analytics to find out what’s your most popular content, how visitors from Pinterest interact with your website to give out recommendations that will help you create viral content and improve the pin engagement on your website.

  • This audit requires access to your login credentials (Pinterest account and Google Analytics dashboard)

  • You will receive your Pinterest audit within 72 hours after order confirmation

  • You will receive a 40 min video and a pdf containing both findings and recommendations to improve your Pinterest presence

 Be part of my network of awesome people on  LinkedIn

Be part of my network of awesome people on LinkedIn

Hey there awesome Pinner!

My name is Monica Badiu. I am a passionate marketing professional, experienced in brand development, content creation and social media. I've been on Pinterest since 2012, testing out different strategies, pinning formats and implementing marketing campaigns for brands across two continents.

Nowadays, I help small business & entrepreneurs learn and implement marketing strategies for their blogs & Pinterest 😍. I've spent a good part of 2018 looking, researching and auditing hundreds of Pinterest accounts to understand what they're doing right and what they're doing wrong. 

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