3rd Time Is the Charm: The Bay, Waves & Seashell Fossils

Some 7 years ago we took our first trip in Bulgaria and discovered some of the wildest and purest nature spots, among which was one beautiful bay. During these years, every time we went back to Bulgaria we reminisced about that bay. This summer we decided to look for it. Easier said than done. It took us three trips to that area and a lot of foot work before we finally found it again. And not only that - but a couple of new, memorable spots.

We set camp a few kilometers away from Tyulenovo right above the cliffs and set to discover more of what this beautiful, wild area had to offer.


The Bay

This place is one of the reasons we returned to Tyulenovo three times this summer. It's a wonderful, intimate place, thriving with underwater life and breathtaking views. You can find it near Kamen Bryag in one of the most spectacular parts of the Northern part of the Bulgarian sea coast. To reach it, you have to walk down a steep path that cuts into the cliff, by a cave overlooking the sea, right below a high rocky wall where you can see different geological sediments. The bay itself is swarming with fish, crab, prawn and every now and then you'll share it with snakes, cormorants and seagulls.


The Waves

We had a lot of things planned for this trip on the Bulgarian shore, but the weather had a completely different agenda. The plan was to snorkel all through the weekend and cook the seashell and fish we catch during our sessions. But with the brutal wind and big waves there was little chance we could actually pull that off. We did enjoy some short snorkeling sessions in the two bays we found, but the prettiest sight of the weekend had to be the waves crashing against the rocks. That pure white of the foam and the refreshing blue of the deep water had such a pleasant contrast it was hard to look away.


Seashell Fossils

Whenever I find seashell encrusted in a rock I feel like Indiana Jones discovering some lost treasure. It's fascinating to see how powerful nature actually is and how sometimes, the tiniest organisms will live to tell their story many, many years in the future. We're always looking for seashell fossils when we're at the sea, but this is the first time we found so many and so well preserved. 


The Cliffs

The cliff coastline is so picturesque you won't believe your eyes you're seeing this in Bulgaria and not some island in Greece. The water looks amazing and there are so many beautiful bays you just want to get there faster and enjoy it. Every now and then you stumble upon a cave overseeing the waves 20 - 30 meters high, there's birds everywhere and the shore keeps going as far as the eye can see. You just want to keep going and going, thirsty for more.


The Bench

We explored the shore right on the brim and explored every path that headed towards the water. It was well worth all the climbing, the wind gusts and the scorching heat because we discovered a bunch of beautiful spots overlooking the sea. This one was amazing. Two benches over the sea? We couldn't believe our eyes and our feet were super happy with the short break. 


The Itsy Bitsy Spider

I don't like spiders but I generally avoid freaking out when I find them crawling on me. However, I almost lost it when I saw one of these yellow spiders on my foot after I had accidentally walked through its web. It was the first time I had ever seen one of these and its shape and size took me by surprise. I mean, look at those feet and that body - nothing about it says innocent.

Argiope lobata decorates its web with a zig-zag line of silk called stabilimenta and has distinctive lobes around the edge. 


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“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.” 
― David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

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