What to See in Bulgaria: Tyulenovo at Night

The very first time we saw Tyulenovo was a couple of years ago when the village itself was rural and known best by diving fans. We never spent the night at Tyulenovo before the summer of 2017 but we are so happy we finally got to do it and on what a beautiful night, during a Thunder Full Moon.

What to See in Bulgaria: Tyulenovo at Night

We spent a couple of days this summer in Tyulenovo. The first weekend we scheduled for our snorkeling trip we got bad weather and couldn't enjoy the sea, so instead we  took a tour of the most beautiful sandy beaches around. The second time though, we had perfect weather and we even spent the night camping near a rocky cave on the high cliff wall near Tyulenovo. But that's a story for another time. 

Tyulenovo at night is arguably just as beautiful as it is during the day. If you're the romantic kind, make sure you get there during a full moon. The night will be magic and your better half is going to love every moment of it. Make your plans to include a dinner by the sea (Tyulenovo Hotel is right there, on the shore) and then a walk under the moonlight over the sea. Perfect night material right there!

During our first weekend this year at Tyulenovo we might not have spent a lot of day time there, but the night was truly magic and we have the pictures to prove it. Taken with Panasonic Lumix, no filters.

How to get here: 50.5 km (41 min drive) from Balchik, BG or 38.2 km (39 min drive) from Vama Veche, RO.

What to see: The cliffs, the surrounding beaches, the lighthouse at Shabla.

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