Nature Addict: White Spring Flower Allium Triquetrum in Ischia

One of my favorite things about traveling is that I get to discover new plants and flowers. I'm a nature addict traveler and there's no place I love more than the forest. I love to stray away from the path and take alternative roads to touristic sights, especially when I'm in cities.

During one of these off-road adventures, I discovered this white flower. Every year I go spend a couple of days on the beautiful island of Ischia, in Italy, but the time I stumbled upon this was the first time I was there during spring.


About the flower

Allium Triquetrum is a wild edible weed and it is one of the first spring flowers to bloom on this island. Ischia is a volcanic island and gets really hot during the warm season so I was quite surprised to find this lush plant. It was growing out of sight in a dry river bed on the road to Cavascura Roman baths near Maronti.

The plant is usually found in the South-West of Europe and the North-West of Africa. It grows up to 59 cm in height and features a cluster of bell-shaped white flowers with a visible green stripe. The leaves usually grow up to 15 cm and when crushed or torn they emanate an onion flavor.

The plant is used both fresh and cooked in salads and sauces. There are regions in the South where these plants are boiled in water with vinegar and are then conserved in olive oil. I found some recipes for edible weed at

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