What to See in Greece: The Scenic Lookout at Ekklisia Agia Paraskevi

During our 7-day trip in the Peloponnese region we saw countless beautiful places, but some remained special. The scenic lookout at Ekklisia Agia Paraskevi (Εκκλησία Αγία Παρασκευή) is among our favorite places from this year's trip. The sight is breathtaking from this spot.

On our way to the beautiful, but secluded town of Kiparissi, we stopped for a short break at Ekklisia Agia Paraskevi, a small church with a wonderful location offering a breathtaking view over the Eastern coast of the Peloponnese region. We had already been driving for 2 hours and we needed a break like we needed air. So while we started our descent towards the Kiparissi we turned back and saw this beautiful spot.

To be honest we really wanted to climb to the top, on the highest ground just to make sure we have a great spot to take in the amazing view. However, our initial plan did not match the layout of the ground and after 1 hour exploring the rocky walls near the church we eventually gave up. But not without making everlasting memories.

The pictures we took are really poor depictions of this place. The actual place is hard to describe in words and there's so many things to do. From Ekklisia there's an old stone road that reaches all the way to the sea. At the right of the church you have two walls to climb if you're the adventurous kind. Behind the church itself is another path and road that goes all the way to the top. It's a path you will walk surrounded by flowers and bees. Unfortunately this path ends with a closed metallic gate that leads to a private property. You could find your path around this private property but we just couldn't find the energy to do it in the scorching heat. If you do, leave me a line and send me a picture. I would love to see this place from above.

If you do decide to stop at this scenic lookout in the Greek Peloponnese and explore the surroundings, make sure you have enough water with you and have put sun cream before you start the ascent. The hot temperatures are merciless. 

How to get here: 132 km ( about 3h car drive) from Nafplion, Argolis or 174 km (2h and a half car drive) from Kalamata.

What to see: the stone road, the church, the stunning view, the flowering bushes behind the church.

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“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.” 
― David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

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