In 2017, my love affair with DIY developed into an unexpected territory as I was introduced to the beautiful and mesmerizing world of DIY lamps. I am currently acting as Marketing Manager for I Like That Lamp, one of the most creative clients I've ever had the luck to work with. I'm loving every moment of it.


In 2016 I navigated the exciting world of e-commerce as a Marketing Manager with Bobsled Marketing, where I got to work with an international team of dedicated Amazon marketing experts from three continents.

This marketing agency helps brands in US, Canada and Europe launch their products in the Amazon marketplace, optimize their seller presence and hyper-boost their sales through an effective and complex strategy that reaps the benefits of every marketing tool Amazon has to offer. 

I got to communicate on behalf of this team of amazing experts, help them show off their success stories and give voice to their Amazon optimization philosophy.



  • I am a freelancer.

I've been working as a freelancer since 2011 with some 3 yrs pause somewhere in between. It all started with a 1-yr contract with a US-based company that trained my mind to understand and fix all the hiccups of SEO. That was the moment I discovered digital marketer. And it was love at first sight.

  • I am a digital marketer.

After I got my first taste of digital marketing, it rapidly became a passion. Having worked with different clients in different areas of activity, I became a jack of all trades. From event promotion to web design, retail tradeshows, international B2B & B2C campaigns, to branding and PR strategies, I've done it all and have learned so much during this process. 

To read my entire CV, please visit my LinkedIn profile. PS: it's a good opportunity to upgrade your professional network.

  • I am an entrepeneur.

Shortly after my first experience with a US-based client, I've decided to launch my own business, in the DIY category. It was the perfect storm and having my own business to work with, it opened my mind to all new opportunities. It was then that I started to understand how important it is to have a strong marketing plan. And handling it all by myself, allowed me to experiment with all kind of strategies for blogging and syndication, social media marketing, SEO, SEM and email campaigns.

In early 2016, I launched my second business, a lavender farm. This entrepreneurial endeavor is the materialization of several years of dreaming with my eyes opened. It's a challenge that at times pushes all my buttons, that every now and then scares me *tless but that is constantly an inspiration and a motivation to learn more, be better and never give up.

You can read more about my lavender business here.