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There’s an email marketing tactic that can increase your conversions with ease. Most course creators (and brands for that matter) either do it wrong or don’t do it all, meaning you’ve got a chance to impress and convert.

  • Welcome emails have a 91.43% open rate. (

  • Welcome emails can create an 86% lift in unique open rate. (Entrepreneur)

  • New leads are most engaged within 48 hours of subscribing. (VerticalResponse)

  • The most effective triggered email types for e-commerce brands are cart-abandonment emails and welcome emails. (MarketingProfs)

  • Welcome email read rates are 42% higher than the average email. (Campaign Monitor)

  • 84% of B2C welcome emails successfully reach inboxes worldwide and have a 23% read rate. (Statista)

Think of the welcome sequence as the red carpet roll-out for your subscribers – you want to make them feel special, nurtured, and most importantly, ready to take the next step and enroll in your course.

But creating a welcome sequence that truly engages and converts is no small feat. It’s like trying to bake the perfect soufflé – it takes a little bit of finesse and a whole lot of love.

So put on your chef’s hat (or your movie star shades, if that’s more your style) and let’s get cooking (or, you know, walking down the red carpet).

In this podcast episode of the Art of Selling Online Courses, I interview Kyle Jordan, copywriter extraordinaire about the best way to triple the value of your email list. We’re talking about writing a welcome sequence that nurture, engages and converts your subscribers into buyers.

Here’s what you can expect to learn

  • How to convert more prospects into buyers using email onboarding

  • Kyle’s exact email onboarding process (yes, we’re breaking it down email by email so you know exactly what goes where)

  • How long should your welcome sequence be

  • How to make your course stand out from the crowd with one email

Want to learn more about using email marketing and copywriting to enrol more students in your course?

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About the Author

Monica Badiu is an email copywriter and copy coach. She specializes in sales copywriting for online course creators who want to send emails that speak to their ideal customer and generate conversions without using fearmongering or pressure. She’s made clients over $3 million in 2023.

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