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Maximize Engagement: Pro Tips for a Successful Email List Cleanup

Email Never Sleeps, a podcast by iHop, hosted by Andrew Kordek

Make $3,000,000 Using Good Email Copy & Urgency

The Art of Selling Online Courses with John Ainsworth

The Reach of the Written Word

Making It: How to Be a Successful Online Entrepreneur, a Mirasee podcast

Take the Fear Out of Selling in Your Emails with Copy Coach Monica Badiu

Free Happy & Thriving | Online Business & Marketing Podcast with Georgiana Dacosta

The Secret to Selling Courses With Email Marketing with Monica Badiu

Amplify Your Success Podcast

How to Craft Sales Emails That Connect and Deliver Results with Monica Badiu

The Honest Marketing Show with Travis Albritton

Email Content Customers Love, with Monica Badiu

If You Market, B2B podcast , episode #195, hosted by Sky Cassidy

Turning readers into buyers: Monica Badiu on crafting copy that convers

Online Business Like a Boss with Kristin Morris

The dark side of AI w/ Monica Badiu

The Profit Your Knowledge Podcast, hosted by James Allen

Writing emails that convert with Monica Badiu

Not Another Marketing Show, hosted by Jon Tromans

Write better sales copy without being a copywriter with Monica Badiu

When it Worked podcast

Words that sell: Finding & using the right language to win new business

Marketing Made Easy, a podcast by jottful

How to get comfortable about selling with email marketing 

Talking With Experts

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