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Understanding the factors that shape your potential students’ decision-making process is essential. One of these factors is the attitudes and beliefs that they hold. In this blog post, I’ll explore what attitudes and beliefs are and how they influence consumers when choosing an online course.

Theory of Understanding Consumer Behavior

The theory of understanding consumer behavior states that consumers are influenced by their attitudes and beliefs when making decisions.

Attitudes refer to an individual’s overall evaluation of an object or idea, while beliefs are specific pieces of information that a person holds to be true.

Understanding these attitudes and beliefs is essential in creating a course that resonates with your target audience.

Common Attitudes and Beliefs that Shape Decision Making

Perceived value

Consumers want to feel like they are getting their money’s worth when purchasing a course.

Example: A course creator can emphasize the value of their course by showcasing the unique benefits and outcomes that students can expect.


Consumers want to trust the person or organization providing the course.

Example: A course creator can build trust with their audience by sharing testimonials or highlighting their credentials and experience in the industry.


Consumers want courses that are easy to access and fit into their schedule.

Example: A course creator can offer a flexible learning schedule or online modules to make their course more convenient for their audience.

Social Proof

Consumers want to see that others have had success with the course.

Example: A course creator can use social proof by showcasing success stories or featuring case studies of students who have taken the course.


Consumers want to improve themselves in some way, whether that be for personal or professional reasons.

Example: A course creator can highlight how their course will help students achieve their goals and improve their lives.

Attitudes and beliefs are powerful influencers of consumer behavior, and understanding how they shape course selection is critical for course creators.

By focusing on factors such as perceived value, trust, convenience, social proof, and self-improvement, course creators can create courses that resonate with their target audience and meet their needs.

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About the Author

Monica Badiu is an email copywriter and copy coach. She specializes in sales copywriting for online course creators who want to send emails that speak to their ideal customer and generate conversions without using fearmongering or pressure. She’s made clients over $3 million in 2023.

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