Monica Badiu, Email Copywriter & Copy Coach

The very act of hiring someone is an implicit measure of trust; you’re giving them a chance to come into your organization and give the best of themselves. Of course, they’re not here for the pleasure of working there alone, this also comes with an appropriate compensatory agreement in line with employment law.

So, assuming all of that is above board and implemented correctly, a question remains – you’ve put your trust in your staff member, but they trust you? Of course, if they’ve agreed to the contract, then this will generally be true. Yet while you might invest in your staff over time, believing in their potential and the possible chance of being promoted in the future, it’s also healthy to think about if your staff believe in your firm.

Put simply – do they think their work is going to good use? Do they care about your mission, or your status in the market? Do they care about representing your brand, or just being part of it for a paycheck? This isn’t to say we need to force this belief, but helping it become a no-brainer mindset will help them become the best fit for your brand.

Let’s consider how you might achieve that:

Develop That Shared Vision

It’s good to make sure your staff understands the direction you’re heading in, including your brand philosophy and values. If they arent’ aware, this signals a problem with clear communication. It’s good to be transparent about what you’re hoping to achieve and why, how you aim to go about it, and where staff fit. When they feel connected to that story, they can more easily adopt it as their own, too.

Be Transparent & Inclusive

It’s also healthy to be as transparent and inclusive as you possibly can be. When staff feel as though you have the strength to be honest about your mistakes, to welcome input, and to stock your team with all manner of voices and perspectives, it shows you’re not afraid to listen and be frank; even if you don’t necessarily follow every suggestion you’re given. If your brand embodies those values, your staff will be proud to work for it.

Be Reliable & Respectful

Ultimately, we have to be respectful of our staff as professionals who deserve our caring approach and management. This means ensuring the most essential provisions of their employment are cared for, like outsourcing your payroll with SD Worx for constant reliability. You can also integrate a healthy and confidential HR resource to provide support where your staff needs it. You can also make allowances for certain flexibility measures, like having a welcome attitude towards remote work as opposed to implying staff are lazy or unbothered for preferring it. A great many measures like this go into perceived affability, and so make sure they’re implemented well.

With this advice, you’re sure to help your staff believe in your firm, ensuring they understand your goals and adopt them as their own.

About the Author

Monica Badiu is an email copywriter and copy coach. She specializes in sales copywriting for online course creators who want to send emails that speak to their ideal customer and generate conversions without using fearmongering or pressure. She’s made clients over $3 million in 2023.

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