Monica Badiu, Email Copywriter & Copy Coach

Attention! This is it. We’re shutting it down in a few minutes.
Last chance. Seriously.
It’s now or never.
Oh no, final reminder.
Last day. Last chance. Last moment.
In 3,2,1. Oh no, it’s gone.

If you have an inbox, you know what I’m talking about.

These urgency-based emails flood our inboxes daily and wreak havoc on Black Friday. They attempt to push our FOMO button, but most only push us to the “unsubscribe” or “mental ignore” buttons.

So, what’s a better way to use urgency in marketing emails?

John Ainsworth and I had a lot of fun recording an in-depth podcast episode about urgency emails. We talk about psychology, implementation, and results in this new episode from The Art of Selling Online Courses.

Yes, urgency emails can be incredibly effective, especially during those nail-biting last days of a promotion. I’ve seen them work like magic during Black Friday, with some of clients hitting all-time revenue highs. But here’s the thing: you can employ urgency without resorting to aggressive tactics that make you cringe.

About the Author

Monica Badiu is an email copywriter and copy coach. She specializes in sales copywriting for online course creators who want to send emails that speak to their ideal customer and generate conversions without using fearmongering or pressure. She’s made clients over $3 million in 2023.

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