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Training: How to Get Over Your Fear of Being on Video

For entrepreneurs video marketing is a powerful opportunity to build a strong reputation, a following, and grow their business. However, showing up on video ourselves is oftentimes a challenge that sparks fear. I’ve been there. Still am. It’s a process. But I’m sharing what worked for me to get over my fear of being on video in the hope that it will help you too.

GUIDE: 5 Ways to Increase Your Online Visibility

Need to get more clients? Need to build a reputation for your brand? Need to get more bookings? Need to get more website traffic? Here are 5 ways that will help you increase your visibility, and achieve your reputation objectives.


Pinterest Marketing Resources 

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Checklist: 13 steps to setting up a PINTEREST BUSINESS PROFILE like a PRO

If you’re ready to give Pinterest a try, and are still pondering how to even get started, or maybe you haven’t used it for a fair while now, and would need to get an expert’s checklist on how to get back at it, this free resource is for you.

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Webinar: How to Use Pinterest Marketing for Your Business

You will learn how Pinterest works & what kind of results it can deliver for your business & if your business is among the ones that can benefit from this marketing channel & what kind of objectives you can set for your Pinterest marketing strategy


Printables for entrepreneurs

From self-care rituals, to planning daily marketing activities or forecasting your financials for the next month, there’s a lot of support an entrepreneur needs to navigate the many, different priorities that require his or her attention. I designed these printables to help me in my own Entrepreneurship Journey, and found them to be so useful, that I think you’d need them too.


Complimentary coaching session

I have been working with established entrepreneurs for their marketing needs for almost a decade. I have helped businesses on 3 different continents grow with powerful visibility strategies and personal growth. I am looking forward to help you too, because I know you too are a powerful creator. Sign up for a complimentary coaching session here (scroll to the bottom of the page).