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Learning and personal growth are an essential part of being an entrepreneur. Back when I decided to go into entrepreneurship full time, I realized I will not be able to move forward, if I don’t embrace the constant learning process. So, I decided to take one day a week to learn, re-learn and educate myself on marketing, entrepreneurship, and self-development.

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I enjoyed listening to this episode of The Growth Show podcast very much. It is focused on one of my main priorities: learning new things, developing existent skills and knowledge while finding time and energy to mix these in a daily/weekly schedule.

Personally, I have one day a week when all I do is read and go through saved podcast episodes. I find this approach is actually a time-saver and will actually get good results. Sure enough, by the time my One Day A Week comes, I would already have a couple dozen of opened Chrome tabs waiting to be read, some two or three new podcast episodes waiting for me to hit play. I did try the variant where I do a daily one-hour self-education/training etc, but it didn’t work out that well for me. 

The guest on this episode of Hubspot “The Growth Show” podcast, is Noah Kagan, the Chief Sumo at He talks about learning new things all the time. By the way, Sumo is offering all kinds of tools to help companies automate their list growth, increase website traffic and email signups. 

A few highlights from the episode:

– it’s not necessarily about finding time to learn something, but about finding the needed energy to put in it and make the most of your learning time.

– if you don’t know where to start, Noah suggests you remember the things you were passionate about as a child or teenager and try to reignite that fire as an adult.

– don’t procrastinate and wait until you believe you will have the time to commit to learning something new. Ask yourself what is the smallest step you can do today and start doing it.

– before entering adulthood, as a kid, teen or even young adult, we would normally have teachers showing us the ropes, keeping us aware of schedules and our commitment for learning. As an adult, we don’t really have teachers that would keep us in check. Instead, we can use coaches to help us achieve our goals and teach us new things.

– finding a coach, someone who is really good at that one thing you’re planning to learn will make it easier to assimilate new information and make sure you stay on schedule.

– the way Noah goes about finding a great coach is looking for the persons that are great at doing a particular thing and reaching out to them for help. Who is the best person at it? Obviously, not all coaches will be good for you. Try different people out and be responsible for how you’re learning; if you’re not registering progress with a particular coach, go find a new one.

There’s a lot more awesomeness in the episode, so I strongly recommend you listen to it:



So, here’s something I’ve been putting off for some time now. I saw some posts in my Facebook feed about some new changes to the platform. To tell you the truth, I was too scared to read more. 

Turns out, it wasn’t that bad. Here’s what’s going on:

Facebook recently released for desktop users, a new feature, called “Explore Feed”. You can find it in your Facebook menu, right at the bottom. The idea is to give users a chance to sort of break the bubble and help them discover new content, outside what their friends and liked pages post, but still similar to content users have expressed engaged with before.

What Facebook says:

“We are beginning to roll out a complementary feed of popular articles, videos, and photos, automatically customized for each person based on content that might be interesting to them. … We’ve heard from people that they want an easy way to explore relevant content from Pages they haven’t connected with yet.”

Cover image of Explore Feed on Facebook

Cover image of Explore Feed on Facebook

Sure enough, this could be an opportunity for brands to gain new followers, since Explore Feed is said to contain content selected based on what users have interacted with before (think share, link, comment). So if you like cat pics, you should see that in your Explore Feed, but posted by other pages than those you’re already following.

I took Explore Feed for a spin. My first visit seemed so alien to me, perhaps it’s because their algorithm is trying to figure out what I’d like to see in there. So the first posts I got, looked like something my friends would post and share, but not really the kind of content I would engage with.

Personally, over the past one year and a half, I have slowly moved away from Facebook and migrated to Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. I’m one of those people who removed all Facebook apps from my phone. I was losing so much time mindlessly navigating the news feed and reacting to every notification I got. So I switched to desktop only and reprioritized what I’m doing on Facebook. That did help me find new ways to get value out of my time on Facebook. Again, this is from a personal user point of view, not a brand. 

Now, I’m spending time in Facebook groups (I have a list of my favorite groups coming soon on the blog) and getting news from a selected group of journalists, entrepreneurs, influencers and marketers.

Basically, I attempted to rethink how I would like this network to work for me and spent some time following and unfollowing, basically curating content preferences, to make sure I’m getting rid of content that was sidetracking me. My goal is to transform the news feed into an actual news source, rather than seeing people in my network liking and sharing pictures and videos of  (I really can’t say no to a cute cat video) or what or where they last checked-in. I’m still getting “fluff” in my newsfeed, and still spending a lot more time on Facebook than I’d like to admit, but I’m getting there.

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