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If you’ve been to my blog before, you know what a big advocate for Pinterest marketing I can be. In this post I am sharing with you a list of Pinterest search trends that are essential if you are in the wedding industry. The list includes some of the most popular ideas searched for by Pinners interested in the wedding category on Pinterest, in 2019.

I’ve worked as a marketing professional in the wedding industry for about 5 years, on-and-off. For the majority of those years I worked with a luxury bridal fashion designer who aimed to make its designs known internationally, but as we all know, competing on this market is not the easiest of things.

With limited resources but big dreams, I decided to give Pinterest a chance, some 7 years ago, back when this channel wasn’t as popular. Using it did deliver some pretty good perks like increased website traffic, brand awareness, sales, email conversions, and it even helped me create demand and proof of that demand for B2B sales conversations with stockists.

More about this in another post, I promise. I shared this information to give you some context on how you as a wedding professional can use this channel to grow your business. But I guess you don’t really need more reasons to be on Pinterest, right?

Pinterest is used by over 40 million people worldwide for wedding planning

There are some very compelling metrics about how Pinners use Pinterest in their wedding planning journey.

  • they start searching on Pinterest for wedding related information earlier than other wedding sites

  • they are more involved wedding planners than non-Pinners

  • they pay closer attention to details (such as attire, color palette and decor)

  • they use Pinterest more frequently than other users (27% of them plan for their wedding several times a day, compared to 18% of non-Pinners)

  • they save nearly 900 million Pins about weddings and make 378 million wedding-related searches every year

Information offered by Pinterest for Business and a study by research firm DeepFocus.

2019 Pinterest Search Trends to Know Of If You Are in the Wedding Industry

Search trend data is provided by Pinterest for Business.

How to use these wedding related Pinterest search trends

So what does this mean for you as a wedding vendor? Here are a couple of ideas on how to use these search trends:

  • bridal designers can use the search trends to identify potential best sellers in their own collections. They can also use these trends to highlight the styles that best fit the keywords on their Pinterest, other social media accounts, blogs and even in B2B events (tradeshows, catwalks, sales conversations)

  • bridal designers can also use these search trends to find inspiration on emerging trends to include in their 2019 collections (sustainable fashion, outdoor wedding dresses, ceremony wedding dresses, wedding dresses for curvy brides)

  • wedding bloggers can use all these search trends to create content that has an increased potential of becoming popular (write about what people want to know, right?)

  • wedding planners can use all these search trends to create content that could match their potential target audience, as well as to make recommendations for jaw-dropping events

  • wedding photographers can use these search trends to find ideas on where to take their newly weds for their sessions (blog content, Pinterest content too)

  • wedding locations can use these search trends to create content that helps them stay on top of what future brides and grooms want to experience (eg: if you own a beach front wedding location develop a guide that explains potential newly weds everything that’s involved with such an event and pin, pin, pin that)

  • wedding cake makers can use these search trends to create designs that match the emerging trend that newly weds have towards simple, natural rather than cookie-cutter weddings

  • wedding decor providers can use the search trends to expand their product selection to offer eco-friendly alternatives, including reusable drinkware, straws etc

  • wedding florists can use the search trends to incorporate plants and flowers outsourced locally, eco-friendly arrangements (no to synthetic floral foam, yes to arrangements such as potted plants)

  • all wedding professionals using Pinterest to syndicate their content can use the above mentioned search trends as actual keywords in their pin descriptions, board titles and descriptions to increase discoverability in Pinterest search. Use variations of these keywords to cover more specific search queries.

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