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I have been an entrepreneur on and off for years now. But I’ve just recently made the leap and went into it full gear, full time, no more back-ups, no more escape routes, no more procrastination. I went in it without realizing how lonely, scary and crazy it gets. And then, just as I was starting, I realized I needed to hear from others that were doing the crazy things I was doing. So, enter Facebook groups.

First I joined the biggest ones I could find, but then I realized there’s a trick to finding communities that are really supportive and useful. In no time, my favorite have become the different groups designed to help female entrepreneurs navigate their new journey, role and various issues.

My Favorite 2 Facebook Groups for Female Entrepreneurs - see more at

How Facebook groups for female entrepreneurs helped me

I was writing in a recent episode of my Entrepreneur Journal about owning and sharing our stories as entrepreneurs. That’s just one of the things that communities built with Facebook groups have helped me.

  • These awesome fellow female entrepreneurs have helped me open up, build confidence and express myself.

  • These women have inspired me to tell my story and have boosted my self-confidence.

  • Seeing that others overcame similar challenges gave me hope.

  • Getting to know awesome female entrepreneurs all over the world gave me power.

  • Seeing a different model of communication between females, one based on sincerity, support and positivity, changed the way I saw female interaction entirely.

  • These groups have provided me with true-and-tried strategies to help me grow my businesses or fix specific problems.

  • These communities have helped me gain new clients, meet potential new biz besties and make friends.

  • These communities put me in touch with awesome women, specialists in their fields, that have coached me or consulted with me and helped me gain clarity and test my strategies.

My 2 favorite Facebook groups for female entrepreneurs

1. Susi Kaufer’s Location Independent Biz Babes

Susi is a coach and there’s a lot of mindset work going on in there. The vibe is always positive, a sort-of tribe of powerful, go-getter women who are not afraid to tell it straight when they had a bad day or messed it up with a client. These women are located all over the world, some of them are coaches themselves, others are digital entrepreneurs, but they all do their best to share valuable stories and back each other.

Entrepreneur Journal #7: Facebook Groups for Female Entrepreneurs - See more at

Love Love Love this group for:

  • The awesome freebies members announce every now and then

  • For the great conversations and Susi’s no bullshit posts

  • Little to no spam in the feed

As Susi puts it, her group is for location independent biz babes who want to live an unconventional life, where they are free and independent from an office or a manager, who have a BIG vision to grow a service-based online business.

2. Strong Women Photo Boothers

2018 has been the year of experiments for myself. I said Yes to every idea I got that seemed worthwhile, and that gave me an opportunity to explore more of what I love to do and see how that matched my skills. Long story short I launched my side-business, a photo booth rental service, I called Amintiri Magice (Magic Memories).

But I soon realized I had no idea what I was doing. And I turned to Google and then Facebook to find out more, to get to ask my questions to people that were doing it for a long while. And that’s how I discovered Strong Women Photo Boothers – a group for female entrepreneurs active in the photo booth rental industry. It was love at first sight.

These women answered my questions without making me feel bad I was a noob. They did it with every new member. They welcomed every one of us and shared our excitement. They gave us useful advice to prep us for our first events.

But more than that: these women help each other. When they live in the same state, or in close proximity, they are willing to share resources, know-how and sometimes even hardware. It is amazing to see women not competing with each other, but actively supporting each other, either by offering advice or actual help with a printer, a backdrop or a photo template.

Entrepreneur Journal #7: Facebook Groups for Female Entrepreneurs - See more at

Love Love Love this group for:

  • The hassle-free, no-bickering, sincere advice

  • The massive waves of support coming for every member who posts about their issue or worry

  • The creative thinking members show in doing their business and coming up with solutions

These two amazing communities built for female entrepreneurs have changed entirely the woman to woman interaction model I was raised on by society and media. Women do not need to compete with each other. They are much stronger when they join forces and share their stories.

Such awesome groups have inspired my coaching bestie Cristiana, from Be on Web Design, to launch a dedicated group for female entrepreneurs in Romania where we would share lessons, know-how and offer support to each other through this thrilling journey. I am now a co-host. If you’re dreaming or becoming an entrepreneur (or are one already) in Romania and would like to be part of a community, join us here.



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