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I strongly believe we learn by sharing stories, lessons, and experiences, therefore I decided to open my blog for stories by women from the communities I hang in, and launch the Go Live with Me interview series featuring entrepreneurs, and passionate people from all over the world.

In this week’s community story, I invited Iva Tarle to talk about self care rituals, which I have found to be tremendously useful ever since I became a full time entrepreneur. Me and Iva met during a free session she was hosting, and has helped me not only overcome anxiety issues over a major growth leap, but she helped me see that underneath it all, underneath my fear of taking things to the next level, I needed to take a moment, and give thanks, forgiveness, acceptance, permission. She connected me with the old me, and the new me, and helped me bring these two versions of myself together, in a way that was beautiful, pure, and authentic.

Iva Tarle

How self care rituals helped me create a stronger emotional home for myself

Imagine your body and mind is like a house, and if your emotions are stormy, the house is flooded, and unstable. When you are happy – your mind is clear, and the house is dry and stable.

How we treat our self from inside, the kind of thoughts we harbor, what emotions we linger on is what our inner house looks like.

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Self care rituals of meditation, affirmations, gratitude, journaling are the cleaning tools I use to keep my inner house strong and they helped me overcome many difficult life situations. They helped me leave the high paying job as a diplomat, to start my career as a retreat organizer and life coach, and create a beautiful lifestyle on Bali.

They helped me leave abusive relationship, learn to live alone and be happy.

Self care helps me be healthy and have a hot body at age of 41.

Also, with the help of self care rituals I recovered from a hard motorbike accident, with flying colors. Many times life brings us difficult situations when we are powerless, facing fears, blocks, overwhelm, depression.

Imagine feeling gratitude and calming one self down in one of the hardest moments of your life, while your knees and thighs are bleeding, you are in incredible pain, and you have an open wound on the left ankle from which a blood is oozing on 40 degrees C. This was real.

However, thanks to having been practicing self care rituals for years, I was able to come to my safe inner space, and calm myself down, and feel gratitude. To breathe slowly, not to lose consciousness, to stop thinking toxic thoughts “this is not happening to me”, and just calm my system down which started to enter in hysteria mode.

By practicing self care regularly we create an anchor of stability we can always come back to.

When the pangs of fear/depression start creeping, we know to let it pass because we remember. It’s a quantum leap to another reality.

About the author

Iva is an intuitive healer, dancer, traveler, empath, astrologer, animal lover. Her journey to coaching has started when she quit her job as a diplomat in 2011, and moved to Bali, where she still lives currently. She helps people get clarity on their purpose, using NLP techniques, astrology insights, and intuitive healing. Her mission is to help people serve the world with their gifts.

Want to learn to master your daily rituals so you can manifest the life you want? Check out Iva’s coaching packages, and her free mini course on creating self care rituals, which you can join right here.

She’s also running a webinar these days, on how astrology can help you find your purpose. Get access here.

Contact Iva at, Instagram @ivatarlecoaching or join her Facebook group here.

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