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In life, we never stop learning – whether it is a new language, a career skill, a hobby, or personal development. It’s how we grow and find inspiration to commit to taking steps to enact changes in our lives. There are many different ways to do so, but one of the easiest and most affordable ways to learn and grow in terms of personal development is… by reading.

I’ve been doing my share of personal growth over the years. It started with my years as a student, when my budget could barely afford monthly living costs, not to mention investing in personal development books. Thank God for public libraries. I used to spend a lot of time in there learning about how we form false perceptions, how we develop unhealthy habits and how we essentially sabotage ourselves.

Fast forward into my adulthood and now I can easily afford investing in personal growth experiences, from buying a book, to doing an online course, working with a coach, and even joining mindset retreats. My present day personal development work has become a complex routine, featuring journaling, affirmations, coaching, accountability buddies, masterminds, but I always, always go back to personal development books.

Over years I have amassed a huge reading (and yes, wish) list as well on this topic. There are titles that have changed the way I look at life. There are some titles in this list that I’ve been annoying my friends months in a row. And as of now, I’m sharing my ultimate reading list of personal development books with you, my fellow humans who are looking for helpful resources to help them grow.

These books on personal development are perfect for you if you want to become aware of who you are, to enhance the quality of your life, to change and develop new habits, to find the motivation and clarity to plan and achieve your dreams.

Born to Build

By Jim Clifton, Ph.D. Sangeeta Badal

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