The 3 Tools to Grow Your Brand on Pinterest

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I am a geek for apps and tools that help make my life easier and my work in digital marketing more effective. And when it comes to Pinterest I have a set of 3 go-to tools that I believe have completely changed the game in how we create, find and schedule content for our audiences. Together they make the perfect start-up package for people who are serious about getting results on Pinterest.

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1. Tailwind

Should I dare to say that Tailwind managed to make Pinterest even better? Yes, yes and yes. For solo entrepreneurs, for busy digital marketing managers, this tool has become a go-to scheduling solution for content on Pinterest. It’s easy to set-up, customize and make it work for your needs. This great app is a time-saver both for business owners who like to do it themselves and for us, the Pinterest VAs who run a couple of clients’ accounts monthly.

Why Tailwind is my go-to Pinterest scheduler:

  • Tailwind is an approved Pinterest partner

  • I love how easy it is to add new pins (upload from PC, save from websites or through their browser plugin)

  • Makes pinning to multiple boards a lot easier and more effective (when you schedule your pin, you can select multiple boards to send it too and schedule a time between them. I send a pin to all the boards that might be related once a week and all without having to go back and manually pin it myself)

  • I am loving the metrics dashboard. I know, I know, I am such a marketing geek. But hey, even if the 9 usd/month dashboard might not be as complex as the more advanced plans, I am still grateful for the additional metrics. Navigating Pinterest’s built-in analytics dashboard is a pain in the *ss.

  • It makes my life so much easier and saves me a lot of time. By allowing pin scheduling, integration with Instagram, the ability to post in group boards, access to tribes, overview of analytics and rescheduling solutions for popular pins Tailwind ensures my account grows with minimum effort on my part for scheduling content.

  • It’s a great Pinterest scheduling solution whether you pin 5 times or 30 times a day.

I recommend using Tailwind once you figured out your pinning strategy and calendar and after you have already published and optimized your first 15 boards (and populated them with pins). You can always test it yourself, they have a free trial available.

Tailwind has a free trial with no time limit. You can schedule up to 100 pins on Pinterest, and 30 posts on Instagram for free before deciding to invest in Tailwind, and they don’t request payment details during the free trial.

Pricing starts at $15 per month (paid month by month), or $9 per month (with the annual plan).

2. Canva

A few years ago the only way to create banners, posters, business cards and pins was by using Photoshop. You had to invest money both in the software itself and in a laptop or PC that would be able to run it. And then the internet got Canva and other similar web-based image creation apps that changed the way and speed with which we marketing geeks created visual content.

Whereas only three years ago I was a Photoshop girl, nowadays, whenever I need something done fast and easy I jump on Canva. And it has changed my life. I now use it for everything from pin creation to making YouTube covers, business cards, Facebook covers and even editable graphics for my marketing clients. I kid you not: there is a client who goes in there every Sunday to edit the weekly menu I designed for him in Canva. And he loves how easy it is to do it, without being bothered with layers, .psd files and highly performant PCs. He’s doing it all from his smartphone.

Why I love Canva:

  • It is web-based

  • It is free

  • It is easy to use and customize

  • You can use it on mobile too

  • You can save as jpg, png and pdf

  • You can upload your own images and logo

  • You can use one of their built-in cool-looking templates and customize it to serve your purpose with colors, fonts, elements and images

  • If you need to buy images or elements, Canva has one of the most affordable prices online ($1 per pic/element)

  • You can share your designs with others to get instant feedback or customize templates for them and give them edit access

Canva is available for free, forever. However, if you want added benefits, there is an option to go Pro. You can learn more here.

3. MiloTree

A couple of years ago I was working with an ecommerce client who was using Shopify and was focused on getting website traffic from Pinterest. It was a company that activated in the arts and crafts market and Pinterest was an essential channel in their marketing mix. It was important that we get as much visibility for their Pinterest account as was possible, without annoying website visitors though. So the choice was made and MiloTree was installed.

I soon started to love this app. The way it integrated with Shopify was seamless, its design was too cute and perfect for the Pinterest audience. Plus, for a pop-up, it wasn’t annoying. It did its job, a simple one for that matter, without causing any interference with the overall user functionality and friendliness of the website.

Here’s why I love Milotree:

  • Easy to install and works with most website platforms (Shopify, Squarespace, Wordpress included)

  • You can use it to promote your Pinterest account or YouTube, Facebook and even Instagram

  • You can also use it to grow your email list (works with Mailchimp, Drip and many others)

  • It is mobile friendly

  • You can choose where to have the pop-p displayed and how often

  • You can customize colors and text on pop-up and choose to hide the MiloTree branding without having to install it again and again

  • You have access to analytics to show you how many new followers you get through the pop-up

There is a 30 days free trial available for MiloTree and pricing starts at $9/month.

There you have it: these three apps are an essential part of my marketing strategies for Pinterest. But there’s so much more to the world of apps and tools that help plan, develop and implement strategies for Pinterest and more. For more of the apps I use for digital marketing purposes, you can check out a comprehensive list here.

Grow your brand on Pinterest with these 3 tools - via

Grow your brand on Pinterest with these 3 tools - via

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